Engineerica Product Tutorials Logging Session Info with Appointment Notes and Session Log Comments

Logging Session Info with Appointment Notes and Session Log Comments


Accudemia has many features designed to make it easy to manage your student support center’s operations. Two similar features, Appointment Notes and Session Log Comments, serve different functions and purposes, which Support Specialist Jorge Rodriguez covered in this week’s Accudemia Tech Talk.

Appointment notes in AccudemiaAppointment Notes
Appointment Notes, as the name implies, are specific to appointments. So if your center doesn’t offer appointments, you’re not likely to be using this feature. This feature allows tutors and other stakeholders to enter information and/or attach documentation relevant to the session. These notes can be made visible to students, who can also send and receive messages, making this a two-way communication option. Notes can be entered before, during, or after an appointment takes place.

Another great aspect of Appointment Notes is that users don’t have to be logged into Accudemia to know that a new note has been added to an appointment. Any time a comment is entered, the tutor and student receive a notification via email. There is also an Appointment Notes Report, which shows Appointment Notes added within a given timeframe and location.

Session Log Comments in AccudemiaSession Log Comments
Session Log Comments can be found in the Session Logs of Accudemia. They differ slightly from Appointment Notes. One of the most notable differences is that comments can only be entered after a session has been completed (in other words, once the Session Log has been created). Information entered here is typically more general and intended for the center manager or the student’s instructor to view. Like Appointment Notes, there is a report which can show all entered Session Log Comments within a given period and location.

This feature also differs from Session Assessments, which are a more formalized process of collecting information about a session.

Appointment Notes and Session Log Comments are simple features, with distinct similarities and differences. If you have questions about either feature, we hope this article has been helpful for you. Please reach out if you have any further questions!

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