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Tips for Smoother Data Imports


Using imports to move data into Accudemia is the best way to ensure your system runs smoothly. Our import tool, Accu Data Exchange (ADX) is easy to use, but there are some common troubleshooting tips we recommend should you run into any problems. In this month’s Tech Talk presentation, Senior Support Specialist Nick Armstrong walked our users through these tips. You can watch the full presentation here, and we’ve provided the important highlights in this post!

How to check for updates in ADXADX is Missing an Update
Often, when ADX does not appear to be working properly, the culprit is the ADX version you’re working with. Check to see if you’re using .Net 4.8 frameworks by downloading and installing them from Microsoft directly: If this framework is not needed then the installer will let you know. 

If you cannot log into ADX, then you may need to uninstall ADX and reinstall it but first back up the import jobs following this article on how to backup ADX configurations guide.

Some updates may not require a full uninstall and reinstall. If you can access the app directly then you can check for ADX updates by going to the Help > Check for Updates option on the File menu of the ADX import utility itself.

An Error on Your Local Server
When meeting with clients, our Tech Support members will sometimes trace the errors back to issues on the client’s end. While we are always happy to meet to help troubleshoot, checking a few common sources can help restore your ADX access sooner. These errors include:

  • The import job is not able to use the file, most likely because another program is using that file, or the file’s name or location has changed.
  • The person or Windows user account who originally set up the import job doesn’t have access to the drive where the file is located.
  • Your Accudemia password needs to be reset. When you log into your ADX tool, which is installed locally on your computer, you will use your Accudemia username and password. If your password has changed in Accudemia, you’ll need to update your credentials in ADX as well.
  • The headings on the file have changed. If the file that the import job is using has changed any headings, the job will not be able to perform correctly until those headings are re-mapped in ADX.

A failed import on the Engineerica sideAn Error on Our Server
If the import job leaves your server fine and you receive an email saying the job still failed, then the issue may have made it to Engineerica’s server before being detected. We see this issue manifest most often in one of two ways:

  • The job failed to create new classes. Typically this is due to the system’s failure to find existing semesters in which to place the new classes, which can be corrected either by making sure the semester is listed in Accudemia, or by including it in the import.
  • The job failed to import new students. Depending on the size of your account, you may have a limit as to the number of active students you can hold. If your import would exceed that limit, then the job will fail. This can be corrected by ensuring you have deactivated all students who are no longer eligible for your services. If this does not free up enough space, talk to your Accudemia Rep about your options.

No Error Message (But Remaining Data Issues)
Occasionally, even if no error messages appear, or are addressed, the upload will still be incomplete once you examine the data. This sometimes manifests as all sections of a course being lumped together as one class due to not having distinct CRNs. This and other similar issues are due to key fields being missing or not being unique on the import file. While not technically an error, and while it will not trigger an error message, obviously this can have a great impact on your ability to use Accudemia. If you think this might be the case but are having trouble finding or correcting the issue, contact Accudemia Support.

Another non-error problem could be a missing relational import, what we sometimes call the “building blocks” of a successful Accudemia account setup. This includes imports for students, courses, enrollment, and sometimes instructors. Problems may arise if one or more of those imports is not running. For example, if the students and courses are being imported, but not the enrollment data, the system will not know which students are assigned to which courses, which can cause issues during the sign-in process.

To learn more about these issues and how to resolve them, as well as hear some questions our users had, watch Nick’s full presentation here or visit our import troubleshooting guide. We hope to see you at the next Accudemia Tech Talk!

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