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What Permissions Should Your Users Have?


We are often asked, “What should students, tutors, and other types of users have access to in our center management system?” The answer isn’t one-size-fits-all for each center, but in Accudemia, we’ve built default roles that cover the basics of what most centers’ users need access to in Accudemia. In this week’s Tech Talk segment for Accudemia users, Senior Support Specialist Nick Armstrong discussed the default permissions each type of user can hold in Accudemia, as well as special permissions that can be assigned to each. To add special permissions to any role, go to Administration > Control Panel > User Accounts > Access Restrictions in Accudemia.

Examples of the Accudemia appointment wizardStudents
Most users in an Accudemia account will be students, and their permissions are usually the most limited of all. A student who logs into Accudemia will have very limited ability to see or do anything. Usually, they will just be able to make appointments (if the center using Accudemia offers them) and pull reports on their sign-in logs.

If desired, you as the Center Manager can give students a few additional abilities, including the ability to view their session logs without pulling a report, or accessing the appointment wizard, which is an older way to make appointments in Accudemia that some users prefer.

Tutors (or any User who Meets with Students)
When a user is given the Tutor role, whether they are a Peer Tutor or Professional Tutor, they will have certain abilities that are still quite limited. They will usually be able to view the session logs for the center or centers they are scoped to on their schedules, make appointments on behalf of students, and pull reports on their sessions with students.

If you want to give tutors a bit more leeway, there are several permissions you can add to all their accounts. This includes the ability for the tutor to edit their own walk-ins and appointment availability schedule, view all sessions in the center (not just their own), edit their own session comments (with the option to limit the number of hours after a session where comments can be added or edited), and bulk sign students in and out of a center. You can also give them the ability to sign themselves in and out from any screen, not just a designated sign-in station.

Instructors (or Users who Teach Enrolled Students)
Not all Accudemia accounts include instructors as users, but instructors that do have access to Accudemia will be able to take class attendance for SI sessions (if they perform those duties in the Centers), submit referrals if one or more centers in Accudemia has set up referral templates, and pull reports on the activity of their students enrolled in the classes they teach.

There are a couple of extra permissions instructors may receive, depending on the needs of the account. They might need to be able to edit their SI class attendance logs, and they might need access to the Session Assessment data (completed by the Tutors on each session at the center) on their students. Assuming a center is using Session Assessments, this will provide more information to instructors regarding the details of their students’ sessions with the centers using Accudemia.

System UsersSample of permissions in Accudemia
System Users, also known as Administrators, are the power users of Accudemia, with all or most features available to them. However, they may be limited to certain location scopes, if the account has multiple centers, with one main administrator overseeing the account as a whole. For example, if an account holds both a Writing Center and a Math Center, an administrator may have broad access to edit session logs and manage other features for only the Writing Center, and will not have access to data or features that are attached to the Math Center.

Other Permissions for All Users
Finally, there are some permissions you or your account admin may consider giving to any type of user, again depending on the needs of your institution or account. For example, while you would usually not want to allow users to edit their email addresses, there may be instances where that becomes necessary, and that is something you can do in Access Restrictions. If you are an Accudemia administrator for your account, check out that page to see what other permissions you can provide to users at different levels, and don’t hesitate to contact Support with any questions.

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