Engineerica Product Tutorials Attachments in Accudemia to Help with Asynchronous and Online Tutoring

Attachments in Accudemia to Help with Asynchronous and Online Tutoring

You asked, and we listened!

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new and mighty cool feature to Accudemia: the ability to share files when scheduling an appointment.

This new feature is handy, for example, if the student wants the tutor’s help in reviewing a paper. The student can share a copy of the document when they schedule the appointment. This enables the tutor to review the paper before the appointment, and even share the revised document with the student! Not only does this make the tutoring process quicker and more efficient, but it also facilitates asynchronous tutoring.

Attachments are easily shared and could be papers, notes, assignments, quizzes, forms, or other items the student would like to address at the appointment. Staff can retrieve the attached file through Accudemia via a link to the shared file in the appointment confirmation email.

Staff and administrators can add comments and add their attachments to appointments. If enabled in the center’s appointment settings, students can then see and retrieve these files and comments. This means your tutors can review and return papers and other documents before the appointment.

This handy new feature is now available in your Accudemia system. If you find it useful, we recommend that you update your appointment scheduling instructions to reference the ability to attach files.

Watch this short video showcasing this new feature and its associated configuration settings:

Let other Accudemia users know how you will use this new feature in the comments below.

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