Engineerica Product Tutorials Get the Most Out of Accudemia 8!

Get the Most Out of Accudemia 8!


Accudemia 8.0 was recently released with many great new features and updates, and in this month’s Accudemia Tech Talk, Senior Support Specialist Nick Armstrong showed tips and tricks for how to make the most of some of the key new features. He also showed some general Accudemia tips based on some recent popular questions. We’ll summarize some of Nick’s main points here, but watch the full video to see them all!

Viewing Session Logs vs. Appointments
To view Session Logs, go to Center Attendance > Session Logs. This will show a list of all visits in your center, but you can use the filters on the left to narrow down what you want to see, such as logs from specific courses or services. Clients sometimes ask how to tell the difference between a Session Log tied to an appointment, and one tied to a walk-in. In front of the date for each Session Log, you’ll see a symbol that will indicate the difference, and you can also hover over the icon for clarification.

You can also navigate to Center Attendance > Appointments to see a list of appointments made both in the past and future, and the past appointments will show whether the student came in for the appointment or not. However, the Session Logs will contain more details about the student’s visit, such as what time they actually signed in and for how long they stayed.

Enhance Your Center Sign-ins with the Social Wall and Chat Features
The Social Wall is a brand new feature in Accudemia that allows your students and staff to connect in a secure social environment. To leverage the social wall to help with your signed-in students, go to the Social Wall and create a Group Channel. This will be a channel accessible only to the people you invite or add directly, and you can also remove users at any time. After creating the channel, you can invite or add the students who have already visited your center, and you can also post a join code in your center or on your center’s webpage.

Many users have expressed interest in the ability for students to enter a pre-session survey that will help their tutors and support staff prepare for the visit. In your center’s Group Channel, you can create a post that asks students pre-visit questions, and have them answer those questions in replies. If you want these responses to be private, you can also send these questions via chat. The Manage Center screen, accessible by going to Center Attendance > Manage Center, will show you who is currently signed in, making it easy for you to communicate with these students. You can even set up a text message advising them to check their chatbox in Accudemia or the Group Channel on the social wall.

Enhance Your Center Announcements with the Social Wall
You can also create what’s called a Center Channel on the social wall, which is a public channel that anyone can see. Each center can have one Center Channel associated with it. This is a good place to add announcements about your center, such as reminders about your policies, changes in hours, and upcoming events. You can post URLs that will automatically become hyperlinks when posted and pin important posts to the top of the page.

Use the Social Wall to Form Study Groups (and Do Other Cool Stuff for Your Class)
Another type of channel in the social wall is a Class Channel, which is accessible only to students enrolled in a specific course or section, depending on how your courses are set up in Accudemia (most import them as sections for more accurate reporting). You can either manually add the course’s students or automatically add them while setting up the channel.

This is a great place to encourage students to build study groups, post videos relevant to your subject or lessons, or remind students about upcoming deadlines.

Thank you to Nick for providing these great tips! We’re very excited about the Social Wall, and these are just a few of the endless ways it can be helpful for your students. Again you can watch the full presentation here. We hope to see you at the next Accudemia Session!

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