Tech Talk Tuesday Recap for 5/11/21: Virtual Sign-in Stations

2 June 2021


With so many centers still online, and so many still with questions about how to track students virtually, for our inaugural Tech Tip Tuesday presentation, we decided to focus on virtual sign-in stations and how they work. This feature is one of the best tools for tracking virtual sessions in Accudemia.

Jorge Rodriguez, one of our Software Support Specialists, walked attendees through the process of setting up and using virtual sign-in stations or kiosks.

He pointed out some important similarities and differences between physical and virtual kiosks in Accudemia. While both are highly configurable and customizable and both create session logs from the sign-ins, virtual kiosks can be accessed on any device connected to the internet, and require users to log into Accudemia with their username and password (or the school’s student portal if Single Sign-On credentials are in place). Students use the virtual sign-in stations to access virtual appointments with tutors or staff.

Jorge then demoed how to install virtual sign-in stations on a computer:

  • Users should first enable virtual sessions in the Control Panel under the Virtual Sessions module and make sure each tutor’s virtual session link is entered in their profiles. 
  • Then, create the virtual kiosk links by going to Center Attendance -> Virtual Sign-in. From there, enter the instructions for the student, the default values, and the target URL that students should be directed to after signing in.
  • We recommend advertising the virtual kiosk links via email (both ad hoc and in appointment confirmations if you’re using them), the Accudemia home page, and your own center’s webpage on the college or university website.

Once you get the hang of virtual kiosks, you’ll realize they’re an essential but simple tool for tracking any virtual sessions, whether they’re walk-ins or by appointment.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve used virtual kiosks in your center!