Engineerica Announcements Engineerica Systems Announces Beacon Capabilities for Student Tracking

Engineerica Systems Announces Beacon Capabilities for Student Tracking

ORLANDO, Fla., June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Engineerica Systems, Inc., makers of student tracking and retention systems, announces an exciting and landmark upgrade to AccuCampus, the company’s most robust system yet. Institutions may now utilize beacon technology in any of their locations, creating new possibilities for data collection and engagement assessment.

Tracking has always been easy in areas such as tutoring centers or study halls, which generally have one point of entry and room for a computer sign-in station. But for other areas, tracking has long seemed like no more than a pipe dream. Cafeterias, for example, may wish to know how many students visit their area daily versus how many end up buying food, but there is usually no practical location for a sign-in station. Other areas may simply wish to eliminate sign-in stations altogether, as they can clog up entrances and create a barrier between students and services.

With beacon technology, this is no longer a problem. Small beacons equipped with Bluetooth capabilities are placed in a physical location. When students enter the area, the beacon connects with an app on their phone and marks them as present. Areas which need to solicit more information from students, such as the service they will be utilizing, can trigger the simple questionnaire to the student’s phone as part of the check-in process.

Beacons can also be used for class attendance. Engineerica’s team frequently hears from instructors who run large lectures and cannot always be sure who is in attendance or not. Sign-in sheets are unreliable and difficult to manage, and there is simply no time to call roll. With beacon technology, not only can instructors receive an instant and automated report of who attended, but they can also send questions and surveys to the students to promote participation in classes of any size. The beacons are easy to implement and use, and though this is just one of the many features in the AccuCampus system, its myriad uses means it can provide endless benefits to institutions.

Beacons are an available add-on with any AccuCampus subscription. AccuCampus is a cloud-based, institution-wide solution for increasing student engagement through collaboration, management, and assessment of student resources. AccuCampus assists students through student-facing features which empower them to seek out resources. Staff are provided tools which allow them to track use of their area without adding on extra time or effort.  IR and senior departments will also benefit from unique prediction models which allow them to analyze their retention efforts and adjust as necessary. Overall, AccuCampus creates an institution-wide experience which enhances retention and engagement goals.

Engineerica has over 20 years of experience developing tracking systems for institutions across the country, and the company is proud to remain on the cusp of the latest tracking technologies and retention practices. To request a demo of AccuCampus, visit


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