Engineerica Conference Leads® – Quick Badge Scanner App Why Get Conference Leads?

Why Get Conference Leads?

Is Conference Leads a good investment?

To answer this question, you must first ask: what is the value of each lead you get at the show?   Not only will Conference Leads help you get more leads, but it will also help you get more from the leads you capture.  Here is how:

1. Avoid losing prospects: Studies show that over 80% of prospects who are ready, willing, and able to buy will not wait more than one minute for assistance.  Conference Leads will speed up the process of capturing leads –  just scan their badge with your smart phone.  The contact info will appear on your phone instantaneously.  The quicker you capture one lead, the sooner you can move on to the next one!

2. Get accurate and clear information: When you scan a prospect’s badge with Conference Leads, you will get their up-to-date and accurate contact information.  The information will appear on your screen for verification and corrections, if needed.  Even better: you no longer have to decipher hand-written contact info and notes.

3. Qualify your prospects: Who is a serious prospect and who is only interested in your giveaways?  Qualify your leads by using a list of customized qualifying questions with Conference Leads. Once you have scanned a lead’s badge and viewed the contact info, you can quickly mark the answers to your qualifiers on your phone.

4. Increase the quality of your leads: Conference Leads will allow you to enter quick notes on each lead. Without taking notes, over 50% of what a person hears is usually forgotten in about one minute or less. The notes will help you retain valuable information for your sales process.

5. Take appropriate action: Conference Leads will help you log the required follow-up action for each lead: send literature, schedule a demo, send samples, etc.  You can also log the lead’s purchase timeframe for better prioritization of your follow-ups.

6. Protect your investment: Don’t take a chance at losing or misplacing business cards and contact forms.  Conference Leads will back up your captured leads to the cloud via your smart phone’s internet connection.  Even if you happen to lose your smart phone, your backed up leads are still safe and accessible online.

7. Follow up: Industry studies suggest that as many as 79% of all leads are never followed up. Conference Leads will help you avoid this pitfall by simplifying the process of moving your captured leads to your CRM database software where you can manage the follow-up process. Even better, reference something specific from your notes for a high impact follow-up.

8. Gain a competitive advantage: Your sales team at your office can get access to the leads as soon as you scan them.  Quickly engage the leads by sending them the material they need immediately and before your competition does.

9. Calculate your ROI: Conference Leads will make it easy for sales managers to figure out the ROI on the conference.  They can easily view the number of captured leads by each rep and the total leads captured at the show.  They can even view this information live during the show while there is an opportunity to adjust the exhibit strategy.

How do I get it?

Getting Conference Leads is easy.  Simply fill out the online order from and your account will be opened in no-time.  We will send you simple instructions on downloading the Conference Leads app for your Android or Apple iOS smart phone.  If you don’t have a smart phone, you can use an Android or Apple iOS tablet instead.


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