Engineerica Conference Leads® – Quick Badge Scanner App Benefits to Event Organizers

Benefits to Event Organizers

Why offer Conference Leads to your exhibitors?

Event organizers love Conference Leads for the following reasons:

Better User Experience: Give your exhibitors and attendees a better and more rewarding experience with Conference Leads. If they are happy, they will be back at the next event, which will help grow your event.

Exhibitors want it: Conference Leads helps exhibitors maximize their investment at your event. They can get more leads, qualify the leads they get, and quickly start their follow-up process. Access to leads is instantaneous. There are many other benefits as well.

Revenue Generator: Conference Leads might be the only service you will hire for your conference that’s not only free, but actually pays you back! The fee for the service is paid by the exhibitors who use it. A percentage of the sales will be paid to you within 30 days of the conference completion. You will also get detailed sales report.

Marketing Tool: Conference Leads will give you a report that shows the number of leads each exhibitor captured with the system. You can use this statistics to market your next show.

Competitive Advantage: Don’t get left behind using outdated clunky systems. Stand out by offering the latest mobile devices and cloud services system.

Bonus Features: The Conference Leads system includes an easy-to-use badge design and printing system. Depending on your exhibit size, other bonus features could be added including online registration system, conference check-in, attendance tracking, and more!

Less work: Exhibitors will be able to sign up and pay online or via phone. The Conference Leads team will take care of marketing, sales, and support for the Conference Leads system. You do not need to worry about any of these tasks.

No Scanners to track: Conference Leads runs on the exhibitor’s Android or iOS smart phone. This means you do not need to worry about leasing out or tracking barcode scanners.

No minimum sales: With Conference Leads, there is no minimum sales required to order the system.

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