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Why Use an ID Reader?

With AccuTrack, AccuSQL, Accudemia, AccuClass, and AccuLite, students and staff sign in and out by entering their ID numbers on the computer. Users can type their ID numbers on the keyboard or they can simply slide their ID card in the ID reader. Using an ID reader speeds up the sign-in and sign-out process by eliminating the need to manually type the numbers. ID entry with the ID reader is also more accurate as it eliminates typing errors.

NOTE: If you do not have an ID Card system, we can help you get one. Click here for more information.

Which ID Reader is right for me?

We offer several types of ID readers. The choice of which ID reader depends on your ID card:

Magnetic Stripe Reader: Use if your ID card has a magnetic stripe like the one on the back of credit cards. The magnetic stripe must have an ID number on it.
Keyboard with Magnetic Stripe Reader: This keyboard has a built-in magnetic stripe reader. This simplifies the connection to the computer and reduces cabling.
Fixed Projection Barcode reader: Use if your ID card has a barcode on it, or print your own barcode on a sticker and affix it to the ID card! You can also use this barcode reader for media checkouts with AccuTrack / AccuSQL.
Omni-directional Reader: This countertop barcode reader has a twenty-line scan pattern that offers an easier read of your student’s barcode.
Slot Barcode Reader: If the barcode is close to the edge of the ID card, then a slot barcode reader might work. The slot reader will only work if the laser beam hits the barcode in the center when you slide the card. If you send us a sample ID card we will test it for you.
RFID Key Fob Readers:  Click here to learn more about these devices.
RFID HID/Mifare/iClass Card Readers:  Click here to learn more about these devices.


ID Reader Pricing


Below are the ID readers’ prices. Quantity discounts are available. Contact us for a quote.

ID Reader Type Fee (USD)
Magnetic Stripe Reader, USB Interface. 2-year manufacturer warranty $125
Keyboard with Magnetic Stripe Reader. USB Interface. 3-year manufacturer warranty $132
Fixed Projection Barcode reader: USB Interface. 5-year manufacturer warranty $194
Omni-directional Barcode Reader, USB Interface. 2-year manufacturer warranty $338
Slot Barcode Reader, USB Interface $119
RFID Key Fob Reader, USB Interface; Key Fobs ($20 per 100 Key Fobs) $49
RFID HID/Mifare/iClass Card Reader, USB $215

Sample ID Card

If you need help in determining the type of reader that would work with your ID card or if you would like to know what data is embedded on your ID card, send us a sample ID card for testing. The sample ID card does not need to have a real name, text, logo, or photo, but it does need to have the magnetic stripe or barcode in the same format and in the exact same location as on the real card. You can mail the sample card to our address. Mark it Attn: ID Cards.

Interface and Tracks

The ID readers and keyboards above come in a USB interface and connect to a standard USB port on your computer.

The magnetic stripe readers will read track 1 and track 2. Please indicate on your PO if you want a reader that also reads track 3.


The magnetic stripe reader is available in black or white colors. The Fixed projection barcode reader is available in light gray or black color. The keyboard with the magnetic stripe reader comes in Black or Beige. If you have a color preference please make sure to indicate the preferred color on your PO. If you do not indicate the color, we will ship whatever color is available in stock.


All readers come with a minimum of one-year manufacturer warranty. At the time of this writing, the warranties are like this:

  1. Magnetic Stripe Reader: 2 years
  2. Keyboard with Magnetic Stripe Reader: 3 years.
  3. Fixed Projection Barcode reader: 5 years.
  4. Omni-directional Reader: 2 years
  5. Slot Barcode Reader: 1 year

NOTE: All warranties are serviced directly by the manufacturer. Refer to the documentation that accompanies the reader for the warranty details.

Support and Third-Party Readers

The readers we offer have been tested and verified to work well with our software. We have experience with these readers and can help you configure them to work with your ID cards. The only requirement is that your ID card must have the student’s ID number on it. To verify this, send us a sample ID card as explained above.

Note that we only support our readers. Because of the varying capabilities and compatibilities of different readers on the market, we do not support any readers that were not ordered from us directly.

Returns and Exchanges

If for any reason you need to return your readers to us for refund or exchange, we will offer you a full refund of the reader’s price with these conditions:

  • All returns and exchanges must be made within 30 days from the reader’s delivery to your college. No returns or exchanges are accepted after this 30-day period.
  • The reader must be in its original condition. This means the reader needs to be packed using its original packing material, plastic bags, and box. The documentation that came with the reader needs to be included and in like-new condition. You will also need to have all the parts including the Velcro tape, if any. The reader must not have any ID tags writings, or Velcro tape attached to it.
  • Ship the reader back to us in a shipping box using a secured shipper like FedEx or UPS. Do not use the Reader’s box as the shipping box.
  • The shipping fee, if any, is not refundable.

No returns or exchanges are accepted after the 30-day period. If you have any issues with the reader after the 30-day period, please check with the manufacturer for warranty service.

For ordering information, contact our Sales Team for more info on these ID Readers.

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