How do you define a "Single Center"?

AccuTrack, AccuSQL, and Accudemia are licensed per academic center.  Here are examples of academic centers:

  • Academic Support Center.
  • Learning Assistance Center (LAC).
  • Student Success Center.
  • Academic Learning Center.
  • Center for Student Success (CSS).
  • Student Tutoring Lab
  • Math Learning Center.
  • University Writing Center
  • Native American Center.
  • Advising center.
  • The Link Tutoring Center.
  • Language Lab.
  • Children Center.
  • Academic Center for Excellence.
  • Tutoring & Learning Services.

Here is how we define a Single Center for the purpose of licensing the software:

“Single center means one center with one name, and single location means one physical location (room or building). If you have a Single Center license, you may install the software on as many sign-in computers and administration computers as you like provided that all the installations are at a single location of a single center.”

To determine whether areas you have are considered a single center from licensing point of view, ask these questions:

  1. Do these areas have one and the same name (e.g. Math Learning Center)?
  2. Do these areas exist at the same room or building?
  3. Are these areas run by the same staff and boss?
  4. When you set up the sign-in stations at these areas, would all the sign-in stations use the same database with the same LabID?

If you answer yes to ALL 4 questions above, then the areas in question are considered one Single Center from licensing point of view.

Contact us if you have any questions.