Engineerica Academic Centers Blog Appointment Settings to Make Managing Your Student Traffic Easier

Appointment Settings to Make Managing Your Student Traffic Easier


In this month’s Accudemia Tech Talk, Support Specialist Justin Veerasammy discussed appointment restrictions in Accudemia. He covered the ways that Accudemia allows center administrators to restrict access to appointments (under various circumstances), giving them further control and ensuring appointments made will comply with the center’s policies.

To access the restriction settings, navigate to Administration > Control Panel > Appointments, and set the scope to your location. From this section, navigate to the “Restrictions” section further down this screen to see the various restrictions available. Examples include:

  • Preventing students from canceling or rescheduling appointments.
  • Restricting how far in advance appointments can be scheduled, and even how frequently they can be scheduled.
  • Allowing administrators, staff, or tutors to bypass any appointment restrictions, ensuring exceptions are possible if the situation calls for it.
  • Preventing or allowing students from making appointments beyond the current term
  • Setting a maximum number of appointments or hours either per student or per tutor, per week.
  • How many no-shows a student can have within a certain period before being prevented from making further appointments, and what counts as a no-show (i.e., the earliest time they can begin the session, the cutoff time a student should be signed in by, and the minimum amount of time they should be signed in for). Keep in mind that if a student exceeds their no-show limit, they can be individually voided by an administrator to allow them to resume making appointments on their own. The administrator can also include a note about why the no-show was voided.
  • The length of appointments, including minimum and maximum lengths, and default duration used when scheduling appointments for the center.
  • Allowing tutors to assist with more than one course in a group appointment, or restricting an appointment timeslot to only one course as they schedule the same time individually.
  • Setting what days of the week appointments can be made for your center.


A unique feature of appointment restrictions worth highlighting is “tutor load balancing”. This setting is particularly useful if you have a center where you want to avoid overloading or favoring a particular tutor or staff member. When enabled, this setting hides tutor or staff names from students scheduling appointments so that they are unable to select a specific tutor for an appointment. Of course, they will still set the date and time of the appointment, along with the service and course (if applicable) that their appointment will cover.

We highly recommend watching the full presentation and Q&A for more information about appointment restrictions in Accudemia, along with some helpful tips and tricks for making the most out of this important feature. Contact us to learn more about how you can make the most of your center’s appointments with Accudemia.

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