ID Card Systems

If you do not have an ID card System, we can provide you with one. Use the ID Card system to create ID Cards that can be used with Accudemia, AccuTrack, AccuSQL, AccuClass, AccuLite and other Engineerica products. The ID cards are used to quickly sign in and out to record the attendance.  Students can also use the cards for other purposes too (e.g. check books out from your library, get student discounts, etc.)

You can create ID cards with a barcode, magnetic stripe, or both. Typically, a card ID system includes the following:

Plastic Card ID printer: Use this to print your ID cards. There are Single Sided (prints on one side of the card) or Dual-Sided (front and back)card printers available . If you want to produce a magnetic stripe ID card, then you need a printer with Magnetic Stripe Encoder.
Digital Camera: Use this for capturing the picture of the person and printing it on the ID Card. The camera connects to your computer via a USB port.
Tripod: Some Card ID Systems come with a mini tripod for the digital camera. This makes the photo taking process easier.
Software: The ID card printing and design software usually comes with pre-defined card templates for easy setup and card design.  Most software also support printing badges in bulk from import files.
Ribbon cartridge: These are the consumables of the Card ID Printer. Color ribbons are used to print color ID cards. The Ribbon cartridge is replaceable and is good for printing a certain number of ID cards
PVC cards: Use card ID printer to print on the 30-Mil PVC Plastic Cards. If you want to produce magnetic stripe ID cards, then you need PVC cards with a magnetic stripe on them. Use a magnetic stripe encoder to write the ID number of the stripe.
Cleaning Roller: Cleaning Roller are used in Card ID Printers to thoroughly clean the blank PVC Card prior to printing.

System Requirements

Typically a card ID system requires the following:

  • CD-ROM drive to load the software.
  • Three powered USB 2.0 ports to connect the camera and printer.
  • Windows ® XP or later

Support and Warranty

Typically the card ID Systems come with one-year of technical support and a one-year limited warranty. Some systems even have a two-year limited warranty.

Pricing and Ordering

A basic card ID system with card ID printer, magnetic stripe encoder, digital camera, mini tripod, design software, color ribbon cartridge good for printing 500 cards and 500 blank PVC cards cost about $2,300. This price includes a limited two-year warranty and one-year of support.

A basic ID Card system like the above but without the magnetic stripe encoder (i.e. for printing barcodes only) costs about $1,800.

Additional supplies (ribbon cartridge, blank PVC cards, and cleaning rollers) are available for an additional fee.

If you have a large number of students (more than 300), then you would need a midrange or high performance ID Card System. These systems cost more and have faster printers designed for heavy usage, better cameras, and more advanced software.

ID Readers

For information on ID readers to work with these cards (either magnetic stripe or barcode readers), click here.

More Information

For more information on a card ID system that will fit your needs, contact us.