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About AccuSQL

AccuSQL – SQL Server Academic Center Management Software

AccuSQL is a powerful database software that provides unparalleled speed, security, scalability, and data integrity. Keep track of visits, record session notes, set and track staff and service availability and work hours, manage student appointments and drop-ins, and gather feedback from students and staff through a powerful interface. This system automates your daily processes and provides you with accurate, up-to-date reports for operational and data-driven decisions.


Your subscription includes options for applications in various devices that both empower your center staff and enable portable tracking in an open lab setting. AccuSQL comes with excellent technical support provided via phone, email, and live online meetings. We are here to help you succeed.

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Top Features and Benefits

Top Features
  • Traffic analysis and service usage reports
  • Data is hosted on your own network and servers
  • Multi-center Scalability
  • Easy sign-in/out process using student IDs
  • Online appointment scheduling via our Web Gateway tool
  • Waiting-line management
  • Feedback collection via online surveys
  • Digital and easily accessible session notes/logs
  • Student group tracking and reporting
  • Import/export integration with SIS and LMS
Benefits for Administrators
  • Save time by automating manual processes
  • Generate powerful, flexible and professional-looking reports and tables at a moment’s notice for initiatives and strategic planning
  • Manage staff schedules, hours, and assigned services all in one place
  • Make center operational decisions based on traffic data and feedback
  • Eliminate human error to ensure accuracy in your data
Benefits for Students
  • Remain alert through email, SMS and pop-up notifications
  • Reduce time spent signing-in and out of centers
  • Improve time management by making appointments online
  • Provide honest feedback to alert centers of necessary improvements
  • Loan materials through a quick and easy digital sign-up
Benefits for Center Staff
  • Utilize student grouping options to better track specific populations
  • Monitor who’s utilizing your services and when
  • Manage loaned materials without having a paper trail
  • Reduce time spent on manual processes by automating them
  • Create logs during and after each session in order to better prepare for the next visit


Southwest High School

Jill Tutor

Office Manager

AccuSQL was able to take our school out of the stone age when it comes to student attendance.  It offers a powerful suite of tools that has been instrumental in saving our staff valuable time.  The ease of the program allows staff and students to easily navigate whether it be making appointments or tracking visits.  AccuSQL has a wide range of reports that has been a great benefit to our program and their support team is the BEST!

College of DuPage

Angel Nance

Coordinator of Operations

Over the last seven years, we have expanded use of AccuSQL from exclusively in Tutoring Services for tutor scheduling, student tutoring appointment scheduling, and session logs to use in all areas of the Learning Commons. We implemented student sign-in/out in the Math Assistance Area; checkout of materials and resources in Math Assistance, Tutoring and the Front Desk; registering students for and tracking attendance at various workshops offered each term; and tracking general contacts including the type of assistance or referral provided at the Front Desk and in the Writing, Reading, Speech Assistance Area. Using AccuSQL in all areas of the Learning Commons has given us a broader view of our services including peak times, high demand services and resources, as well as the ability to gather data we previously were not able to capture. Having this information easily accessible through the many AccuSQL reports allows us to evaluate our services in different ways and adjust to the needs of our students on a regular basis as well as provide enhanced details in our annual report.

Lone Star College-CyFair

Georges Detiveaux

I can't imagine life in our campus labs and centers without AccuTrack. The students find it easy to use, and the faculty and administration appreciate the detailed reports we can generate. We've come to depend on this application so much that we've just upgraded to AccuSQL!

Sierra College

We find the program very user-friendly and often discover how to do something just by playing around with it for a few minutes.

Florida International University

Dwight Nimblett

Thanks for your speedy response. It makes all the difference in the world!

Harding University

I like the scheduling and email feature. It helps me tremendously. I also like the different reports that are available.

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