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Conference Tracker Support Policies

Who Gets Support?

1) Support is provided to your authorized staff only. We call these Technical Contacts.  You need to specify the authorized Technical Contacts for your licensed event.

2) No direct support is provided to attendees. Attendees need to submit their support questions to the registered Technical Contacts of that event. If the Technical Contacts are unable to resolve the issue, then they may submit the issue to Conference Tracker support.

3) The maximum number of registered Technical Contacts allowed per event is determined by the number of attendees and type of Conference Tracker license as follows:

Number of Attendees Basic License Premium License
1 to 300 1 2
301 to 600 2 3
601 to 1,000 3 4
1,000 to 2,000 4 5
Over 2,000 5 6

4) Additional technical contacts can be added for a fee of $500 each.

5) You must specify your Technical Contacts by emailing their name and contact info to us. You can add new contacts any time as long as you have not exceeded the maximum number as explained above.

6) You can also remove or replace a person on your Technical Contacts list.  This requires approval by our staff.  Please allow up to two business days from receipt for the request for the change to be processed.

How is Support Provided?

1) Registered Technical Contacts can submit their support requests via phone, email, or ticketing system. The ticketing system is preferred because the ticket gets distributed to several Conference Tracker team members which allows to get to the appropriate support tech quicker.

2) The response time depends on our support load at the time the request is received. Our goal is to reply to all support requests within a maximum of one business day. In many cases we will reply within one business hour or less.

3) Support is provided during our normal business hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time – except major US holidays.  Support outside of our normal business hours can be ordered as an optional service for an additional fee.  See below for the details.

4) You may submit your support questions via email and the ticketing system at any time. Expect answers during our normal business hours only.

5) Live online assistance and training sessions must be scheduled in advance and are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

What Does Support Cover?

The mission of our support service is to help you use and make the most out of the Conference Tracker system.  This includes:

  • Training Technical Contacts on the use of the Conference Tracker system.
  • Answering questions from your Technical Contacts on using existing Conference Tracker features.
  • Explaining to the Technical Contacts on how to perform certain tasks in the system (e.g. how design and print badges).
  • Investigating and troubleshooting Conference Tracker issues that are reported by the Technical Contacts.
  • Training Presenters: If your license includes the Virtual Event package, you may schedule one live training session for your presenters to show them how to use Conference Tracker for their session.  You can ask our support rep to record this training session so you can make the recording available to presenters who were unable to attend the live training session.
  • Training Exhibitors: If your license includes the Exhibitor package, you may schedule one live training session for your exhibitors to show them how to use Conference Tracker for their in-person or virtual exhibit.  You can ask our support rep to record this training session so you can make the recording available to exhibitors who were unable to attend the live training session.
  • Training Operators: If you have an in-person event and plan to record attendance to session using the Conference Tracker app, you may schedule one live training session for your Operators (those who will scan attendees to sessions) to show them how to record attendance with the app.  You can ask our support rep to record this training session so you can make the recording available to those who were unable to attend the live training session.
  • Helping after the event: Our support staff can help you clean up your attendance data, explain how to design and send out attendance certificates, and export any data you like out of Conference Tracker.

What is not included?

The Conference Tracker support staff are there to help you use the Conference Tracker system.   The following are examples of tasks that are NOT covered by our normal technical support service:

  • Using the system on your behalf: The Conference Tracker support staff will show you how to use the Conference Tracker system and will answer your questions on using it.  The support service however does not cover using the system on your behalf.  For example, the service does not cover typing in your session schedule or other data, processing the registrations, entering payments, starting / stopping / or recording your virtual session,  etc.  If you need the Conference Tracker staff to perform such work, contact us for a price quote.
  • Supporting third-party systems: The Conference Tracker staff will support the Conference Tracker system.  The support service does not cover supporting hardware or software systems provided by other parties.  For example, the support service does not cover supporting a third-party video editing tool. These should be supported by their providers.
  • Audio / Video work: The Conference Tracker support service does not cover audio / video file recording, editing, uploading or downloading.  If you need our help with these tasks, contact us for a price quote.
  • Modifying the existing Conference Tracker system: Conference Tracker is an off-the-shelf SaaS system.  Your license allows using the existing system as is.  The services does not cover modifying the existing Conference Tracker features nor adding new features.  It might be possible however to modify or add features for a fee.  Contact us with your needs for a price quote.
  • Providing support to non-Technical Contacts.  The Conference Tracker support service is offered to registered Technical Contacts only.  Non Registered Technical Contacts, presenters, exhibitors, and attendees need to contact the Technical Contacts for assistance as they are not directly supported under the regular Conference Tracker support service.  Contact us for a price quote if you want to extend our support service to these users.
  • On-site support: The Conference Tracker support service is provided remotely via phone, email, and live remote assistance sessions.  We also provide training sessions using live and recorded virtual meetings software.  The normal service does not include on-site support.  If you need on-site support for your event, contact us for a price quote.

After-Hours Support

If for some reason you require support (whether via phone, email or live remote assistance session) after our normal business hours, then you may order our After-Hours Support services for an additional fee.  Visit this page for the details:

Excessive Utilization of Support

We offer unlimited support for the first 30 days of opening your Conference Tracker account. After the first 30 days if your support usage significantly exceeds the average usage of other users, we will notify you by e-mail. If excessive usage continues after the email notification, we reserve the right to take one or more of the following actions at our discretion (1) reduce the level of support provided to bring it down to acceptable levels (2) recommend purchasing training services (3) recommend purchasing additional support services to cover the excessive usage (4) chooses not to renew a subscription or support plan on the basis of excessive usage.

The above restrictions were put in place only to discourage overuse, which clogs up the support queue and negatively affects all users.

What about Feature Requests?

We welcome and encourage all improvement ideas and new features requests from all Conference Tracker users. These will be put on a “Wish List” that is used when working on future releases of Conference Tracker. Each request is evaluated based on its usefulness to all users. Requests which are deemed highly useful to many users will be implemented. The implementation of a certain feature and its timeline are solely determined by the Conference Tracker management and development team.

To submit your improvement ideas or feature requests, please use our online feedback system by clicking here.

For instructions on using the online feedback system, please view this 5-minute instructional video by clicking here.

NOTE: Support Policies subject to change without notice.  The latest version of the policies will be posted on this webpage.

Thanks for using Conference Tracker!

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