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Ordering Conference Tracker

What do you get with each Conference Tracker Order?

When you order the Conference Tracker system, you get the following:

  • Use of the Conference Tracker cloud-based system from time order is received to 30 days after the conference.
  • Use of the Conference Tracker app (available for download via the Google Play and Apple App Store) for capturing the attendance data.
  • Technical support via phone, email, and online (during normal business hours).
  • Badge Designer to design and print your conference badges.
  • Attendance Certificate Designer to design and print your conference attendance certificate.
  • Ability to distribute badges and attendance certificates via e-mail.
  • Ability to upload your conference data (attendees and session) via the data import utility.
  • Ability to offer online registration via Conference Tracker.  If used, you can also collect registration payments (e.g. credit card payments) via Conference Tracker and your PayPal account.
  • Ability to check attendees in at the conference and to track their giveaways.
  • Ability to send email messages to attendees.
  • Ability to send messages to Apple devices used for signing attendees in and out.
  • Conference Analytics report showing attendance to the top 50 sessions and more.
  • Ability to export your conference attendance data to Microsoft Excel or CSV file.
  • Access to online help resources and user guides.
  • Option to offer the lead retrieval app to exhibitors.  Click here for more info.
  • Option to offer the attendees a conference attendee app.  Click here for more info.
  • And more!

Optional Services

We also offer the following optional services for an additional fee:

  1. Attendee App for providing your attendees with a conference electronic guide, social network, and more!
  2. Lead Retrieval app for your exhibitors:  The cost of this app is passed to your exhibitors, so it’s free to the conference organizer.  The app allows exhibitors to scan the attendee’s badge with an Apple device to get their contact info and add their notes.  Click here for more info.
  3. Lease of Apple iPod devices for recording the attendance during the conference. See the section below for more info.
  4. Technical support outside of normal business hours.  If your conference falls on a weekend or a holiday and you want access to technical support during that time, or if you need support after business hours.  Let us know what you need for a price quote.
  5. Creating your import files.  The import files need to be in Excel or CSV format.  Conference Tracker includes a template file with the needed format to make it easier to create the import files.  If you need us to create the import file from other sources (e.g. conference schedule), then an additional fee applies.  Contact us with your needs for a price quote.
  6. Printing of badges and certificates.  You can easily design & print your own badges and certificate from Conference Tracker.  Although if you prefer our team to print the badges and mail them to you then this can be done given enough time and for an additional fee.
  7. Data clean up.  Conference Tracker includes sophisticated tools for tracking and cleaning up any attendance data recording errors (e.g. attendees signed in to the wrong session, attendees not signed in or not signed out, etc.)  If you want us to do the cleanup for you, then there is an additional fee.
  8. Supplies.  We can provide you with badge holders or sleeves, lanyards, Printer badge paper, and Certificate papers.  Let us know what you need for a price quote.

Usage Options

We offer two options for using Conference Tracker:

  • Single Conference Tracking: Use Conference Tracker for tracking one conference.  This is perfect if you only have one annual conference for example.  This account is closed 30 days after the conference.
  • Annual Subscription: This account is available for one year and can be renewed.  You can use the account for tracking more than one conference.

Scanners / Data Collection Device Lease

Conference Tracker does not use clunky barcode scanners for recording attendance.  Rather, you can use state-of-the-art Apple devices.  If you do not have your own Apple devices, you can lease from us.  The devices will have the Conference Tracker app and will be set up for your conference.  We will even sync the data on the device with your conference data before shipping them.  This is a good option if you do not already have your own Apple devices or if you do not want to buy devices.  The fee for the lease is $89 per device per conference.  The devices will be delivered 3 to 7 calendar days before the start of the conference and need to be shipped back within 7 calendar days from the end of the conference. There is a $300 per device fee for devices that are lost or not returned.


The fee for using Conference Tracker depends on the conference size and whether optional services are needed.  We will gladly send you a complimentary price quote once we have identified your needs.  For sample pricing, click here.

Terms of Service

Click here to view the Conference Tracker terms of service.

Privacy Policy

Concerned about your data?  Click here to view our Privacy Policy.


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