Engineerica Conferences and Events Maintaining and Tracking Attendance in an Online Environment

Maintaining and Tracking Attendance in an Online Environment

Here at Conference Tracker, we have helped with numerous events throughout the years. With this experience, we know that one of the most essential features that our clients appreciate is our ability to track attendance during their conferences. With our innovative Conference Tracker app, we made this process simple and easy to use, while still maintaining all the accuracy needed to ensure your visitors’ attendance is being properly logged.

But now our event landscape is changing. Conferences are transitioning to a virtual environment, allowing visitors to attend through their computers or mobile devices. Services like YouTube and Zoom allow people to connect quickly and share information; however, we still want to be able to track the attendance of our guests and make sure that they are being engaged enough to stay for the entire presentation. Luckily, we have created an all-in-one solution for your in-person, online-only, and mixed events that will help you gather all of this information in one easy-to-use software.

Pivoting between Pre-Recorded and Live Presentations

There are two main styles of online content that all virtual events are using: pre-recorded videos and live video streams. There are many services out there, some tools are best for live streaming and some are better for hosting recorded sessions. Once you have decided which online service to use, we will be able to offer straightforward access to all content through Conference Tracker. Linking these videos is as easy as copying a link into our software, which your attendees will then be able to access via either our website (works both on desktop and mobile devices) and in our Conference Attendee app. This will help keep everything in one platform while still offering all the usual content a physical event provides.

Online Session Attendance Tracking

So, you have provided your attendees with access to a video of your presentation, but now we will need to make sure that they are attending and engaged for the entire presentation. While a simple task in a physical environment, virtually this could be challenging. With Conference Tracker, we can monitor the time when an attendee first accesses an online presentation, the time spent in the session, and if they navigate away from the screen. This information will then be processed into an easy to use Attendance Log Manager, which allows you to make any necessary changes to all attendance data.

Social Feed Communication

Having the ability to communicate with your attendees during your presentation is another challenge we have noted during this transition. Through Conference Tracker, while viewing your presentation attendees will have access to a social feed specifically for each presentation. Here, they can communicate with you and each other by sending messages, posting notes, and even adding images! This helps increase engagement with each of your presentations and will ensure that your attendees remain attentive for the entire session.

Post-Conference Features

When your conference is over, all of your attendees will have come and gone through your virtual environment, and then you are left to gather all of the data and see how the conference went. There is no need to navigate through multiple systems to view your data since Conference Tracker is an all-in-one solution! We offer certificates of attendance, which you can design yourself, while the attendance data is automatically generated and sent to your attendees. Another great feature we offer is full conference data exports. Anything that is imported to or created by Conference Tracker can easily be exported to an Excel or CSV file whenever needed. You can even export the entire attendance data that we mentioned earlier into an easy to read Excel file that can be quickly sent to any accreditation institutions.

Whether it’s virtual, on-site, or hybrid, we hope to maximize your next event with these tools and tips! Conference Tracker makes each aspect of your event management simple and easy to use, from registration all the way to attendance tracking.

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