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Conference Leads® Benefits


Lead Retrieval System

Conference Leads is the easy way for utilizing a lead retrieval system at tradeshows, conferences, expos and events.  The system offers benefits to both the event organizers and the exhibitors.

Benefits for Conference Organizers

Event organizers love Conference Leads for the following reasons:

  • Better User Experience: Give your exhibitors and attendees a better and more rewarding experience with Conference Leads.  If they are happy, they will be back at the next event, which will help grow your event.
  • Exhibitors want it: Conference Leads helps exhibitors maximize their investment at your event.  They can get more leads, qualify the leads they get, and quickly start their follow-up process.  Access to leads is instantaneous. There are many other benefits as explained below.
  • Revenue Generator: Conference Leads could be the only service you will hire for your conference that’s not only free, but actually pays you back!  Contact us for the details.
  • Marketing Tool: Conference Leads will give you a report that shows the number of leads each exhibitor captured with the system.  You can use this statistics to market your next show.
  • Competitive Advantage: Don’t get left behind using outdated clunky lead retrieval systems.  Stand out by offering the latest mobile devices and cloud services technologies.
  • Bonus Features: The Conference Leads system includes an easy-to-use badge design and printing system.  You will also get comprehensive reports on the exhibit hall activity.
  • Less work: We take care of the marketing, sales, and technical support for Conference Leads.  One less task to worry about.
  • No Scanners to track: Conference Leads runs on the exhibitor’s Android or iOS smart phone or tablet.  This means you do not need to worry about leasing out or tracking barcode scanners.
  • No minimum sales required: With Conference Leads, there is no minimum sales required to order the system.

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Benefits for Exhibitors

Exhibiting at conferences is time-consuming and costly process, so don’t risk missing out on some leads during busy times or even worse: misplacing your leads on the way back!  Here are some of the benefits of the Conference Leads system:

  • No proprietary hardware: To scan attendee’s badges, simply use our app with your Android phone or tablet or your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.  Since your smart device is always with you, you can capture leads outside of the exhibit hall, too.
  • Quick capture of contact information: To capture a lead, simply point the Apple or Android device camera at the badge.
  • Instant View: You don’t need to guess whether the contact info was captured correctly.  Immediately after scanning you will see the lead’s contact information on the screen.  Quickly update or edit this info as needed.
  • Custom Qualifiers: Add your own qualifier questions and add them to each lead to find out who is hot and who is not.
  • Quick notes: Add notes to each lead during the interaction or later when you get the chance.
  • Reliable: The captured leads are saved in the cloud via Wi-Fi or cell data connection, so even if something happens to your mobile device, your leads are safe!
  • Big picture: If you have multiple sales reps at the event, you will be able to see how many leads each of them captured and the total leads your company got at the event.
  • Universal Access: You can view the captured leads on your mobile device or on the web, anytime and anywhere.
  • Easy export: Export your leads quickly and easily into Excel or your CRM system and start following up with the leads immediately after the conference.
  • Great support: Conference Leads comes with excellent support to help you make the most of this system.
  • Economical: The fee to use Conference Leads is small compared to traditional barcode scanning systems with inferior technology.  The system offers great value when you consider its utility in capturing and qualifying your sales leads.

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