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Accudemia Pricing Changes

Having served the higher education industry for over 25 years, Engineerica is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions and expertise-driven innovation for our customers. As we continue to grow our R&D team to bring you more features to better help you serve your students and faculty, we need to change our prices in order to support our growing team and adjust for rising inflation.

That means as of October 1st, 2023, the Accudemia Light fee will change as follows:

Accudemia – Regular License:
  • Accudemia Annual License Fee – First Center: $3,700  (This did not change)
  • Accudemia Annual License Fee – Additional Center: $2,395
Accudemia Light:
  • Accudemia Light Annual License Fee: $2,500.
  • SSO One-Time Setup Fee: $500.*

* If you already have set up SSO, this does not apply.

Please note that this price increase will not affect any purchases that have already been made this year. Also, please note that in order to better reflect the load of each license on our support and sales team, the offerings of the Accudemia Light license have been adjusted as follows:

Accudemia Light Technical Support:

Accudemia Light users will get unlimited tech support during the first month after ordering the system. This ensures that the users are able to fully utilize and implement their new system. After the first month, tech support for Accudemia Light users is limited to the following:

Support Monthly Limit10 Support Units.

A Support Unit is 30 minutes of Accudemia Support Staff time. If two people work on an issue for 30 minutes, then that counts as two Support Units.  Any part of a Support Unit used to respond to a question or issue counts as a full Unit. Minimum one Support Unit per call, ticket, e-mail message, or support meeting.

At the start of each calendar month, your Support Units balance will be replenished to 10.

If you run out of Support Units, you may purchase one Support Unit for $99, or a pack of 5 Support Units for $349.  Unused purchased Support Units will expire in one year from ordering them.

If you would rather have unlimited tech support and many other benefits, upgrade to the regular version of Accudemia.  The fee of the regular version of Accudemia is only $3,700.  With this upgrade you would also get the following perks:

  • Student facing iOS app.
  • Student facing Android app.
  • User Dashboard.
  • 3 Technical Contacts (vs 1 for Light users)
  • 20,000 SMS / texting credits
  • No setup fee for SSO
  • Unlimited support
  • Outlook and Google Calendar Integration
  • Engagement Board
  • Discount on additional licenses ($2,395 per additional center license).

Contact our sales team at to learn more about the full version of Accudemia.

For more information on this price change, visit this FAQ page.  You can find detailed Accudemia pricing info, including what is included with your license, at the Accudemia Licenses page.

We are dedicated to keeping our prices affordable and our solutions exceptional, which is why this is our first price increase since 2016. Understanding that the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a heavy financial strain on our customers, we never raised our prices during the pandemic to help support our customers for as long as possible.

We appreciate your support during this transition and are happy to have you as a loyal customer. If you have any questions, concerns, or need to speak to someone at our company about this price change, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any and all questions that you may have.

–  The Accudemia Team

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