Engineerica Academic Centers Blog The 5 Pillars of Learning Centers, with Penny Turrentine: #3. Resourcefulness

The 5 Pillars of Learning Centers, with Penny Turrentine: #3. Resourcefulness

In part three of a short series of podcast episodes, we continue our discussion with Penny Turrentine, Ph. D., Adjunct Faculty and Program Coordinator at Pima Community College, regarding another foundational pillar on which to build a successful Learning Center at your college or university.
Inspired by her most recent publication, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Learning Centers (and then some…)we delve into essentials for learning center directors, including the need for ‘making something from nothing’ when faced with insufficient funding. We discuss several instances where Penny was able to use resourcefulness to propel her center forward and engage more students in the process.



The 5 Pillars of Learning Centers with Penny Turrentine:
#3. Resourcefulness

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