Engineerica Academic Centers Blog Podcast Episode: Listening to Students and Making It Fun with Tricia Seifert, MSU

Podcast Episode: Listening to Students and Making It Fun with Tricia Seifert, MSU

Students have a lot to tell us about how we can help them be successful and listening is essential. They also appreciate it when we take the time to make learning fun. We interviewed Tricia Seifert, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Adult and Higher Education for Montana State University, Researcher and Author on the Supporting Student Success Blog, and CEO of Success Prints, LLC. We discuss her research and the importance of students being involved in the process as well as how their feedback has led to the creation of a fun board game that helps students transition from K-12 to college.


Episode – Listening to Students and Making It Fun  with Tricia Seifert, MSU

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