Engineerica Conference Tracker – Event Management Software Conference Tracker Checklist

Conference Tracker Checklist

Here is a list of things you need to do in preparation of tracking your conference attendance with Conference Tracker.  This list is meant as a quick reference to help you with the organization of the process and is not intended as a complete guide to using the software.

1.  Schedule an online training session with Conference Tracker support.  During this session, the trainer will show you how to use the Conference Tracker cloud software and the Conference Tracker app (for recording the attendance).  Allow one hour for this training session.  Please plan on having an Apple device (iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad) or an Android device during the training session to use for training on the Conference Tracker app.

2.  Set up your Conference Tracker account.  This includes:

  1. Setting your time zone and other settings in the Conference Settings screen (Advanced Options -> Settings).
  2. Entering your conference name, dates, and other info in the Basic Info screen (Conference -> Setup).
  3. Importing your conference sessions (Advanced Options -> Import Data).  Instructions are provided on the import screen.
  4. Importing your attendees (Advanced Options -> Import Data).  Instructions are provided on the import screen.
  5. If you want to use Conference Tracker for online conference registration: Setting up your conference registration form, turning on this option, and customizing the online registration confirmation e-mail.
  6. If you want to accept online payment for conference registration: Setting up your PayPal account and setting up the online registration and payment form (Advanced Options -> Settings -> Payments).
  7. Designing your conference badges.  You will need a copy of the conference logo (.bmp, .jpg, .png) if you want the logo on the badge.
  8. Designing your attendance certificate.  You will need graphics you want to include on the certificate (e.g. conference logo and signature image files).
  9. Setting up other features you want to use (e.g. Check-in Handouts, Notifications, Exhibitor registrations, etc.)

3.  Setting up the Apple devices (attendance data recording devices) or Android device.  If you are leasing the devices from us, we will take care of this task and ship you the devices.  If you have your own devices, then you need to get them ready by downloading the Conference Tracker app and setting it up.

4.  Printing your conference badges with Conference Tracker.  Allocate enough time not only for printing but also for putting the badges in their plastic pouches.  Make sure to have ample badge paper for this task.  Note: If you generate the badges outside of Conference Tracker, you will need to test the badges with the Conference Tracker app to make sure it can scan them.  If the app is unable to scan the badges, then you will need to use Conference Tracker to print QR codes for scanning or to print Conference Tracker badges.

5.  Planning system deployment including syncing the Apple device or Android device with the Conference Tracker server, recording attendance at each session, badge distribution, and walk-in registration.

6.  Training persons who will be recording the attendance at the conference (device operators) with the Apple device or Android.  We will show you how the app works so you can train others or you can schedule an Operator Training Session with your Conference Tracker representative.  You will need to have an Apple or Android device at hand to practice.

7.  Training people who will handle on-site registration (i.e. adding new attendees to the database and printing their badges).  We will show you how to do this so you can train others or you can schedule an Operator Training Session with your Conference Tracker representative..

8. If you plan to use our lead retrieval app, you will also need to import or activate registration for your Exhibitors, as well as advertising the app. Your Conference Tracker representative will handle the process for getting your exhibitors set up as well as any further support.

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend that you work on the above ASAP.  This will give you time to get used to the system and address any possible issues.  We also recommend that you have a complete test of the system with actual data at least one week prior to the conference start date.  If you encounter any issues, report them to the Conference Tracker support team ASAP.


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