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Industry Initiative Marketing Manager, AutodeskThe last thing you want to do at an exhibition is to be fumbling around with a [lead retrieval] app that doesn’t quickly take the information that you need.  Conference Leads has been great [during the 97th Annual Associated General Contractors of America].  When attendees stop by we are able to tag theme [via QR code] and we are done.  There are no extra steps and it has been a great experience.”

Bryan May

Vice President of Business Development, BirdDogHR

“What we’ve noticed at the conferences is that people don’t really carry business cards anymore so using this app to quickly scan their contact info from their conference badges allows us to collect this information electronically and add notes about our conversation without requiring much from us or the attendees.”

Greg Kelly

Director of Business Development, Warehouse Direct Business

“A tremendous tool… successful at capturing all of our contacts and share them with our team.  It gave us the opportunity to go through the conference in the hallways, scan badges, and keep notes on our conversations.  I highly recommend Conference Leads as it allowed our team to strategize on opportunities we had at the conference to generate new business based on our notes filled-in and questions answered.”

Quotes from Conference Leads® Users

Diane Muscari

Business Development Manager.  Carl Buddig & Old Wisconsin Companies

This cost-effective technology allowed me time to talk, demonstrate, and sample products with customers so much more efficiently. I doubled the amount of people met than when I had to write down contact information while trying to demo the products.  At many shows, I am the only individual representing our company in the booth and this technology allowed me to handle a “crowd” and not miss a lead! Thank you and I hope to see you at more events.

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