About the Branded Attendee App

If you want your a custom-branded version of our Conference Attendee app, then the ‘Branded App’ add-on service is for you.  This webpage tells you more about this service and the steps you need to follow to get it.

With your branded Mobile Apps, you will have your conference title represented as the app name (or your organization’s name), your app logo, description, and color.  The app will appear as your named app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Marketplace so that you and your clients can easily download and use it before and during your conference.  Keep in mind that there are two versions of Conference Attendee: an iOS version for Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) is available at the Apple iOS store, and an Android version for Android mobile devices is available at the Google Play store.

Under our branded app service, we will create a branded version of both the iOS and Android app for you, and we will submit each one to its corresponding marketplace/app store.

As far as functionality, the branded app will behave exactly like the Conference Attendee app.  The app will get its data from the Conference Tracker system and thus it will remain functional while your Conference Tracker account is still active.

Here is an outline of the process for getting your branded version of the iOS and Android apps:

  1. We will change the app’s logo from the Conference Attendee logo to the one you submit to us.
  2. We will change the app name from “Conference Attendee” to the name of your choice.  Most people use their organization name or event name.  The name should be short as the number of letters displayed under the icon is limited to 30 characters (Apple) or 50 characters (Android).
  3. We will change the title at the top of the screen from “Conference Attendee” to the name of your choice.  Keep in mind that the name needs to be 20 characters for it to be shown on the screen in its entirety.
  4. We will also change the color at the top of the Attendee App screen from green to the color of your choice.

Please note these customizations are for the Attendee app specifically. At this time, the only customizations that can be done to the web portal would be to replace the logo in the upper left corner.

For illustration purposes, please check the original app’s visual appearance in the first image below with two examples of a branded app version under it:

Important Requirements

Before your branded mobile app can be published to the Apple & Google app stores, you will need to register and open your developer account for each platform:

Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

For the Apple App Store, you will need to enroll in the Apple Developer Program under your company name and grant us (Engineerica) permission to manage your developer account so we can publish your app on your behalf.  Note that this requires that you pay an annual fee (currently $99) to Apple.

Important: You must be enrolled in the Apple Developer Program as an ‘Organization‘, not as an ‘Individual’. This is so you can invite us to manage the app on behalf of your organization.

Here are the requirements to launch your branded Mobile Apps with Apple

Google Play (Android)

For the Google Play store (Android devices), you will need to register to the Google Play Console by signing in with your Google Account, accepting the developer agreement, paying the $25 registration fee then completing your details. Once this is established, you need to invite us to manage the apps on your behalf.

Here are the requirements to launch your branded Mobile Apps with Google Play

Specs of files needed for the branding

To brand the Apple and Android apps with your logos, we will need the following files:

  1. iOS app icon of 256×256 pixels without transparency (.png)
  2. iOS App store image of 1024×1024 without transparency (.png or jpg)
  3. Android app icon of 512×512 pixels (.png)
  4. Android store feature graphic of 1024×500 pixels without transparency (.png)
  5. Web portal logo with aspect ratio 2:1 (.png or jpg)
  6. App Splash image (2000×2000 pixels .png). The image is typically a centered logo with enough white space on the borders to allow cropping. Meeting this requirement ensures compatibility with different mobile device screen sizes.

    App Splash Dimension Example
    App Splash Dimension Example
  7. App Background Color (Web, Pantone, or RGB)

NOTE: If you do not have the files above and don’t have someone on your team to create them, we can offer you the services of our graphic artist for an additional fee.  Contact us for more info.


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Still, have Questions?

We offer email support during business hours by contacting attendee@engineerica.com or contact us Monday through Friday, 8 AM-5 PM (EST) Eastern Standard Time.