Accudemia / AccuTrack / AccuSQL Training Options

Want to get trained in Accudemia, AccuSQL, or AccuTrack? We offer several options.  First, find out if you need training or implementation by clicking here.

(1) New Client Training (complimentary)

With any Accudemia, AccuSQL/AccuTrack new software purchase, you get a complimentary one-hour getting-started session. During this online session, we will help you set up the software, walk you through areas of interest, and answer your questions. Simply call us to schedule the training session.

(2) New Staff Training (fee)

This service is designed for the new staff member that needs to learn the software.  The online training session is 2 hours long and is conducted in one or two sessions.  The fee for this training is $299.  You can pay with a credit card or send a college PO.  Simply call us to order and schedule the new staff training session.

(3) Orlando Training Class (complimentary for AccuTrack/AccuSQL platinum users)

If you prefer to learn in person from our software experts, check out our Orlando training class. The training is conducted over two days and discusses everything from beginner to advanced topics. The Orlando training sessions are a good place for meeting other users. You can exchange ideas and form friendships with your colleagues. As a bonus, you get to enjoy the City Beautiful with its world-famous attractions. The AccuTrack/AccuSQL Orlando training class is usually offered 3 to 4 times per year, while the Accudemia Orlando training class is offered once per year.

For more information on AccuTrack/AccuSQL training, click here.

For more information on Accudemia training, click here.

(4) Individual or Group Orlando Training (fee)

Want to attend training at our Orlando office but need specialized attention? We offer half-day and full-day training options for individuals or groups (up to 6 people) at our Orlando location for $800 and $1,500, respectively. This is an excellent option for groups who have considered our Orlando Training Class but prefer to have more control of the material being taught and the pace of the course. Our AccuTrack/AccuSQL or Accudemia experts will devise a training schedule based on the group or individual's expressed interests. Please contact us for more information.

(5) Onsite Training (fee)

If you have more than three people to train, then on-site training is the most effective and economical training method. An Accudemia, AccuSQL/AccuTrack expert will travel to your site to conduct a full-day training session geared towards your needs. The trainer will go over modules of interest and will answer any questions you might have. During the visit, the trainer can also help you set up your software for use at your center. For more information on onsite training, visit these links:

AccuTrack/AccuSQL users click here.

Accudemia users click here.

(6) Online Training (fee)

Online training has the advantage of savings in travel expenses and time which means reduced training fees. The training can be offered in one day (6 hours) or split into two half days (two 3-hour sessions).  Offered for AccuTrack/AccuSQL and Accudemia users.  Simply call us to order and schedule this online training session.

(7) Training Webinars (complimentary)

The online training webinars offer a convenient and great way to gain expert knowledge in AccuSQL/AccuTrack. Each webinar is about one-hour long and focuses on a single topic. Past topics include generating reports, creating custom queries, scheduling appointments, importing data, and more. The live webinar is recorded and made available for later viewing via YouTube. The webinars are free for all active Platinum Plus subscribers. Visit the Webinars section to view past webinars and sign up for upcoming ones:

AccuTrack/AccuSQL Webinars

Accudemia Webinars