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AccuTraining Licensing Fees

Licensing Fees

AccuTraining’s licensing fee is based on the number of active employees in the account.  Past employees can be marked inactive to prevent them from increasing your license fees.

Here is what you get for the license fee:

  1. Usage of the cloud-based AccuTraining software.
  2. Usage of the Apple iOS app for recording attendance at your training sessions. 
  3. Hosting of your data in the cloud.
  4. Excellent technical support via phone, e-mail, and online assistance.
  5. Online getting started session to get you up and running quickly.
  6. Software updates and upgrades.  These are installed by our staff.
  7. Access to support resources including user manuals, whitepapers, online forum, and more!

The annual license fee is based on the number of active employees you will track:

  • Up to 100 employees: $1,990/year
  • Over 100 employees: Please contact us for a price quote.

Try it before you buy it!

We want you to be absolutely sure that AccuTraining meets or exceeds your needs.  This is why we are offering a complimentary 30-day trial of the software.  The trial is not handicapped by any way and you will get full support during the trial period.  There is no fee nor obligation to continue beyond the trial period, but you must have a need for using this software to qualify for the trial.  Request your free account now by clicking here.

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