Engineerica Accudemia Surveys and Feedbacks with Accudemia

Surveys and Feedbacks with Accudemia

Create custom and unlimited feedback surveys

By identifying and utilizing your target outcome for feedback, you can generate an endless quantity of personalized assessments. Custom-build surveys to reflect a particular academic center, service, course, or activity, whether it’s face-to-face or virtual, and cultivate results specific to those categories.
Select from various styles and methods of survey questions such as multiple answers, multiple-choice, or open text in order to fully captivate the feedback collection. Adapt the questions to the necessity of the survey by adding a required or optional label to the responses. Even compose an infinite number of inquiries for feedback with an uncapped restriction for survey/question generation.

Collect valuable feedback from students and staff

Feedback is a powerful guide that can give your center’s leadership team insights that chart a path forward in staff and student success. The Accudemia homepage or portal offers an effortless and convenient way for students or staff to immediately view and offer essential feedback. Enhance center operations as students check-in and out of their in-person or virtual sessions. They can complete assessments based on experience with services or sessions. Administrators can now email the survey link directly to students or staff and set up reminders to follow up if users don’t respond right away.

Increase student involvement and improve assessment

A proactive approach to collecting feedback from students ensures the center maintains a concentration on their academic needs, even as those needs evolve. Ensure the user is actively participating by setting up survey reminders for recurring visits or limit the inquiry to a one-time basis based on the needs of the individual. Using attendance reports, administrators can generate a mass student group survey to reflect the needs for that particular classification of students.

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