Engineerica Accudemia Case Study Oral Roberts – Luke Henry

Case Study Oral Roberts – Luke Henry

Student Employment at Oral Roberts University

“The ease of use and quality of the Accudemia system will enhance your customer service and tracking needs.” – Luke Henry, Oral Roberts University

The Student Employment Office uses Accudemia as a primary check-in service system. Before Accudemia, the students would have to write their names down on a sheet when they came in, leaving lots of room for error. Now they can skype their student ID card and the system takes care of that record keeping. It also takes care of placing the students in a waiting queue and making it easy for staff to manage incoming student traffic.

Apart from organizing the students in the waiting line by order of arrival, Accudemia keeps track of the amount of time each student has spent in the waiting queue so that staff can view this and make adjustments to the time spent with each student. In this way, students can be seen in a timely manner in the order they came in.

The Student Employment Office also uses Accudemia to track the number of students that were seen in a day, which allows confirmation of the hours of operation or the need to assign more staff on the days the center is open.

“Accudemia has helped my department provide better service for the student workers on campus,” stated Luke Henry. “And during the pandemic, Accudemia even provided a solution for the need of a hands-free check-in environment.”

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