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Program for Academic Vision & Empowerment (PAVE) at Oral Roberts University

“Accudemia made managing my center, event at a distance, easier and uncomplicated. It allowed for better reporting of center activities.”

Doctor Dorothy M. Cleary

Director of Tutoring Services

Utilizing Accudemia's Capabilities

Uncomplicated Management

“Accudemia has helped significantly with increasing accessibility to tutors in PAVE Study Hall,” stated Carolyn Stubbs, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Education. “It has also provided a way to more conveniently schedule appointments with students and provide more accurate attendance reports.”



Reports that are retrieved in Accucampus help PAVE to demonstrate the usage of their Study Hall to university leadership.

“Accudemia made managing my center, event at a distance, easier and uncomplicated. It allowed for better reporting of center activities,” said Dr. Stubbs.

What Can Accudemia Do for You?

PAVE uses Accudemia for:
  • Virtual Tutoring
  • Student Visit Tracking 
  • Online Appointment Scheduling 
  • Traffic Analysis and Attendance Reporting
Accudemia Helps with These Challenges
  • Creating Attendance Reports 
  • Monitoring Tutors and Activities
  • Keeping Accurate Attendance Records 
  • Providing Remote Support to Students
PAVE measures success based on the academic performance of students in their individual courses.

The following data is collected:

  • Final Grades Earned in Courses
  • The Amount of Time Spent in PAVE Study Hall
  • The Amount of Time Spent on a Specific Course

COVID-19 Update

Case Study Oral Roberts – Dr. Carolyn Stubbs

The COVID-19 pandemic proved less challenging as Accudemia provided a means by which students could connect with tutors virtually. Since students were not visiting the center physically, Accudemia became the only means of tracking attendance and the courses for which students were requesting assistance. Accudemia provided the administrator of the PAVE Study Hall a way to track tutor attendance and responsiveness to students.

“Accudemia is a great tool that makes managing a center easier. It helps with promoting accountability among tutors and students.”

Dr. Carolyn Stubbs
Assistant Professor of Education

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