Engineerica Corporate Identity – Brand Usage

Corporate Identity – Brand Usage

This page describes how the corporate identity, the Engineerica logo and the product logos must be used.

General Notice:

It took several months and a lot of work to build the new corporate identity, it’s really important that we respect it so we give a good image to the customers. Please be respectful.

To modify an icon or a logo you will need to have the original Photoshop or Illustrator file; if you don’t have it, then it migth be better to ask first.


Correct usage:

  1. Select the correct logo, RGB logos are for screen viewing, CMYK logos are made for printing.
  2. Copy and paste the logo as is, without modifying it.
  3. The images have a white space around the logo, put the rest of the content outside the image boundaries, so it’s not too close to the logo itself.
  4. Always place the logo over a white background. If the rest of the content has a colored background, it’s better to create an horizontal white frame for placing the logo.
  5. For the Engineerica logo, use the blue one whenever possible. Ask before using the white logo with the black background.
  6. If it’s required to place multiple logos in the same page, make sure that the size of the text is the same across all logos. Do not pay attention to the size of the image itself.
  7. Make it outstand, if you place only one logo it will become more important than if you place a lot of images in the same place. Add one logo and simple text to make Engineerica or the products outstand.
  8. Be minimalistic, avoid any special effect or making the content busy.
  9. Need anything? Ask and we will contact a designer.


What not to do:

  1. Do not rotate the logos
  2. Do not put them as watermarks.
  3. Leave the white space around the logos. The images already have the white space, respect it.
  4. Do not place text over them.
  5. Do not add a visible border line to the image.
  6. Do not include the logo in the middle of the text. If you have to mention the product, just write its name using normal font. For example, “Once you have installed AccuTrack, …” (the AccuTrack logo is not used)
  7. Do not, ever, use the old product logos.
  8. Do not add the product version to the logo. If it’s required please ask.
  9. Do not cut, crop, or modify by any means the logo.
  10. Do not place the colored icon of the product logos alone.
  11. Do not change the icon of the logos.


Download the Full Manual

Engineerica – Corporate Identity Manual


Official Logos

For editorial usage (flyers, printed content), click here.

For screens, Power Point presentations, click here.


Devices Pictures

iAccu pictures: If you want to include iAccu pictures on presentations, please click here.

AccuClass app pictures: If you want to include AccuClass app pictures on presentations, please click here.

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