The Voices Program

As a member of Accudemia Voices, you will be able to earn points each time you spread the word about Accudemia. Use these points to collect rewards for yourself, your staff, and/or your center. 

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Program FAQ

What is the goal of the Accudemia Voices program?
We believe that Accademia is the best academic center management system available today. Not only does Accudemia provide numerous benefits to its users, but it also comes with excellent technical support service. We want anyone seeking such a system to know about Accudemia and consider it for their needs. Our company is a small business, but we know we have many satisfied users such as yourself who are our best advocates for the benefits of Accudemia. The Accudemia Voices program was created to encourage Accudemia users to share their experience with the software and spread the word about this excellent academic center management system.

If I join the program, what do I need to do?
All you need to do is spread the word about Accudemia and share your experience with it. For example, you might be a member of an online group for tutoring center staff. If a colleague on this group asks what scheduling system do you use, then all you need to do is reply and tell them about Accudemia.  Let us know about it, and we will assign you rewards points that you can use to redeem gifts for you and your center.

The above is only an example. There might be other opportunities for you to spread the word and share your experience with Accudemia. This includes mentioning Accudemia at relevant conferences, websites, webinars, etc.  Just let us know about your contribution, and we will assign you points accordingly.

Note that we are not asking you to recommend Accudemia unprompted.  Rather, we want you to mention it when people who are already looking for a solution ask for recommendation.

What is the advantage of being a member of Accudemia Voices?
As a member of Accudemia Voices, you will be able to earn points each time you tell your colleagues about Accudemia. Use these points to collect rewards for yourself, your staff, and/or your center. Some of the available rewards include: ID readers to use with your Accudemia sign-in station, customized pens and pencils with your center’s logo and name to give to your staff and students, desserts to share with your staff, discounts on your center’s Accudemia renewal fee, and more. You will get the full list of rewards once you have joined the program.

How soon should I make my first contribution?
We encourage you to make your first contribution as soon as possible. It is up to you to choose how to spread the word about Accudemia. If you need suggestions, feel free to contact us.

Do you share my information?
No. We will not disclose to anyone outside of our company who is invited or enrolled into the Accudemia Voices program.

Can I invite my colleagues to this program?
No. Participation in the Accudemia Voices program is limited to select customers who have been invited to join the program.




The Accudemia Privacy Policy also applies to your participation in the Program and describes our practices regarding collection and use of personal information. ESI does not share your identity or contact details with any outside persons.


ESI reserves the right to make changes to this Program, its rewards, policies, and this Agreement at any time.  The program can be terminated without notice.

This document was last revised on December 1, 2022