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AccuClub – Support Policies

Who Gets Support?

1) Support is provided to your authorized staff members only. You need to specify the names of these staff members as registered technical contacts for your account.

2) Phone, E-mail, and online support is only available to registered technical contacts.

3) No direct support is provided to your club members. Members need to submit their support questions to the registered technical contacts of the account. If the technical contact is unable to resolve the issue, then they may submit the issue to AccuClub support.

4) The maximum number of registered technical contacts per client is determined by the type of AccuClub license as follows:

Type of License # of Staff
Up to 1,000 active members 1
1001  to 2,000 active members 2
2001 to 3,000 active members 3
3001 to 4,000 active members 4
4001 to 5,000 active members 5
Over 6,000 active members 6

5) Additional technical contacts can be added for a fee of $490/year each.

6) You must register your technical contacts by sending an email to

7) You can also remove or replace a person on the Technical Contacts list.  This requires approval by our staff.  Please allow two business days from receipt of the request for the change to be processed.

How is Support Provided

1) Registered technical contacts can submit their support requests via phone and email. Email is preferred because it gets distributed to several people thus getting to the appropriate person quicker.

2) Our goal is to reply to e-mail and phone support requests within one business day. In many cases, we will reply within one business hour.

3) Telephone Support is provided Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time – excluding holidays.

5) Questions via E-mail can be sent to support at any time. Expect answers during business hours only.

6) Online assistance and getting started sessions must be scheduled in advance and are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

After Hours Support

If for some reason you require live support (via phone or remote assistance session) after our normal business hours, you may order After Hours Support services for an additional fee.  Contact us for the details:

What Does Support Cover?

  1. Explaining how to use the system.
  2. Help with data imports and exports.
  3. Answering questions on what a certain function does or how to perform certain tasks (if supported).
  4. Troubleshooting problems and investigating system anomalies.
  5. Training registered technical contacts.  We offer online training webinars.  You can view past webinars on our YouTube channel.  Personalized online training is also available.  Please allow one week’s notice for personalized training.

Excessive Utilization of Support

We offer unlimited support for the first 90 days of opening your AccudClub account. After the first 90 days, if your support usage significantly exceeds the average usage of other AccuClub users, we will notify you by e-mail. If excessive usage continues after the email notification, we reserve the right to take one or more of the following actions at our discretion (1) reduce the level of support provided to bring it down to acceptable levels (2) recommend purchasing training services (3) recommend purchasing additional support services to cover the excessive usage (4) chooses not to renew a subscription or support plan based on excessive usage.

The above restrictions were put in place only to discourage overuse, which clogs up the support queue and negatively affects all users.

What About Feature Requests?

We welcome and encourage all improvement ideas and suggestions for new features. Please post your suggestions and ideas on the AccuClub UserVoice site here:

Suggestions on the AccuClub UserVoice site can be voted on by other users.  The more votes a suggestion gets the higher the possibility of us implementing it.  AccuClub developers will review the UserVoice suggestions when working on future releases. Each request will be evaluated based on votes and usefulness to all users. The implementation of a certain feature and its timeline are solely determined by the AccuClub product manager and its development team.

UserVoice is rather easy to use, but if you need help with it, please view this 5-minute instructional video by clicking here.

NOTE: Support Policies might change without notice.

Thanks for using AccuClub!

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