AccuClub Introduction

Home screen:

Getting familiar with the AccuClub home screen is very easy. If you have used our Conference Tracker or AccuClass software, you will notice similar design elements.

Editing an event:

You can enter any Events for which you want to track members' attendance.

Viewing/editing credits for a member:

Manage members’ credits using a "smart" search engine.

Quick view logs of past subscriptions and remaining credits.

Add credits on a one-time basis or by using Membership Plans (shown later).

Credit usage (transaction) details:

See members’ detailed use of the locations and events.

Customizable "Membership Plans" (in Settings):

The membership plans basically have:

  • Price (eg, $50)
  • The amount of credits to give the member (eg, 30 credits)
  • An expiration date (eg, 1 month)
  • Some restrictions (eg, only Mon-Wed-Fri from 9am to 9pm, in Locations A or B for the events X, Y or Z)

Membership plans can be pre-defined, so sales people at gyms, clubs, or other organizations don't have to re-enter the information every time someone subscribes.  If there's only one plan that plan is always used.  If there are multiple plans, your staff can assign a plan from the available memberships when applying credit for a member.

Custom user roles:

Custom User Roles allow you to define the access options for users in the system.  When an admin defines the role for each type of user, they determine exactly what they can do through their role assignement. You can fully define "staff", "students", "employees", "mentors", "tutors", "instructors", "deans", "attendees", etc.  in the system and then create a custom set of options for each role in AccuClub.  There are also three pre-defined Roles (shown above) if you do not wish to create custom ones.

Editing attendance logs:

Attendance Log are used to capture the members, sign-ins and sign-outs in AccuClub.  Using AccuClub, a log is created even if the user is not known. If the user is not know, AccuClub will show the card number used.  This capability can be helpful if you have not entered the members into AccuClub or if you are transitioning from other software prior the logs being reviewed.


Other notable items similar to AccuClass:

  • Sign-in stations - A computer can easily be designated as a sign-in station.
  • General settings – Allows you to set time-zone, attendance presence requirements, and sign-out rules.

There’s also an App for iOS.  The AccuClub app supports:

  • Scan with the camera, enter card # manually, or use a card reader
  • Select a location and events will be automatically shown based on their schedule
  • Change to a specific event, over-riding the the default schedule.
  • Works online when Wi-Fi is available so credits are checked with their restrictions in real-time.
  • If there is no Internet connection, the sign-in information is recorded and sent to the server when connected.

Thanks and look for more updates to come!

Diego Jancic & Fernando Paulovsky
AccuClub Developers