AccuCampus vs Accudemia

Wondering what benefits AccuCampus offers over Accudemia?  Here is the answer:

While Accudemia was designed as an academic center management software, AccuCampus was designed as an institution-wide system that allows the different academic services entities to collaborate.  AccuCampus engages your staff, other centers’ staff, your students, and even faculty!  All of these resources are united under one goal: Providing the best possible service to students to help them succeed and thrive.

AccuCampus offers the same capabilities as Accudemia but does it better.  For example, the following Accudemia capabilities exist in AccuCampus:

•         Student visits tracking.
•         Online appointment scheduling.
•         Real-time management of waiting lines / intake system.
•         Traffic analysis and visits reports.
•         Import/export tools to easily integrate it with student management systems.
•         Ability to keep notes on sessions.
•         Cloud-based system that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

In addition to the above, AccuCampus offers the following unique features:

Ability to refer a student to another academic center:  For example, the advising center can refer a student to the tutoring center.  The tutoring center will know about the referral via AccuCampus, and the advising center will know when the student visits the tutoring center.  This tracking facilitates better follow-up of students who need close attention.

Ability to control which services a group of students can access at your center:  For example, new students could be marked to only have access to New Student Advising.

Ability to build a private student profile: Each center can build its own student profile information:  You also decide who can access this profile.  This is handy in protecting sensitive student data.  For example, the Disability Office can hide information about the student’s disability and make it only viewable by certain staff members at the Disability Office.

Ability to set up a student-centered Action Plan:  After meeting with a student, you can assign them a success action plan and monitor their progress.  For example, if the action plan includes a visit to the health center, you will be notified when this item is completed.  The student will also be able to view their action plan and progress towards its completion.  This feature is useful for increasing student retention.

Ability to advertise campus student resources to students:  One big issue you might have faced is how to let the students know about your services?  AccuCampus solves this problem with its Campus Compass.  Students can access the compass online and use it to zero in on the services they need.  Once they have located the service, they can use the system to schedule an online appointment or simply get the center’s information for a walk-in visit.

Ability to track class attendance: AccuCampus has an excellent class attendance system built into it.  This system is available to faculty members who track student attendance.  The system also offers the ability to report on absences.  This enables your retention services to quickly identify at-risk students.

Ability to get feedback on student resources: AccuCampus offers a cool rating system that allows students to quickly rate the resources they use.  This could be the academic center or even a staff member.  These ratings will help you improve your services, and you can even make them public to encourage other students to use them.

Ability to track event attendance:  This is an amazingly powerful but easy-to-use feature.  Use it to track attendance to your “Welcome to the Majors” event, freshman orientation, seminars, athletic events, etc.  Not only you’d be able to track who attended, but you can also mark attendees to access special services once they have attended.  For example, you can enable students who go through the orientation to schedule appointments at your advising office.

Ability to track loaned materials: If you allow students to borrow items like iPads, laptops, books, references, etc., then you can manage the checkout process with AccuCampus.  Track who has what and when it’s due back.  The system will even send automatic reminders to students when the material is due.

Automatic Action Engine: With AccuCampus you have the ability to automate certain responses to student actions.  For example, the system can automatically send an email message to students upon their first visit to your center!  You can also tag students who perform certain actions for later processing.  The possibilities are endless.

Ability to use one sign-in computer for multiple centers or areas: AccuCampus gives you amazing control over how a sign-in computer behaves.  Not only can you customize the services displayed per student or type of student, but you can also use the same sign-in station to service several areas at the same location.

Excellent implementation support: AccuCampus is a powerful system and we want you to take full advantage of its capabilities.  This is why we have allocated a team of AccuCampus experts with extensive academic center work experience to help you implement the system.  Your assigned consultant will be with you all the way to help you set up and use AccuCampus.

Student App: Today’s students tend to spend a lot of time on their mobile devices.  The AccuCampus mobile app will enable students to schedule their appointments, view their success plan, and perform other functions on their mobile device.

And much more!

Of course, the best way to learn about AccuCampus is to see it.  Contact us for a complimentary online walk-through.  We also offer a complimentary semester-long pilot of AccuCampus with full support.  We can’t wait to show it to you.