Engineerica Press Releases Engineerica Strengthens its Partnership with Higher Educational Institutions

Engineerica Strengthens its Partnership with Higher Educational Institutions

OVIEDO, Fla., Jan. 27, 2016 — Engineerica’s long standing partnership with higher educational institutions has been an intriguing journey through an era that is just coming to fruition. The most prominent development for the higher education landscape has been the increasing intensity of the case against colleges and universities concerning the overall cost of attending. This ridicule has heightened just as higher educational institutions are mastering positive adjustments for a new and highly diverse student body. Unfortunately, the necessary adjustments needed to ensure success for all students are also expensive for the colleges to provide. Now, all of the wonderful student service provisions created by colleges and universities are feeling the brunt of the financial scrutiny. In response, Engineerica has designed a new offering to their existing and future customers which will alleviate many barriers placed by budget regulations and the complexity of space.

Engineerica noticed two main barriers faced by their higher educational customers when it came to the purchase and use of student management software solutions. First, most student management systems are sold as separate modules. While the idea behind this method is to save the customer money by allowing them to pick and choose which modules they will need, this ultimately causes more trouble for the customer. Most often, student service areas are in a flux and the space and budget available to them at the time of purchase rarely reflects their true needs. This causes student service areas to either do without the needed module or take on the very complicated task of making additional purchases for their program or department. Obtaining the approval and funding for subsequent purchases is nearly impossible for administrators of student services programs and departments.

A second barrier for higher educational institutions in regards to student management systems is the difficulty with implementation. There seems to be a complete disconnect between the data needed to run the area and the systems storing the data. This barrier has become crippling right in the midst of a strong push for using sound data driven decision making so that assessment is clear and management sustainable. Furthermore, Engineerica has found that actual technical support needed by their customers is very low yet, assistance with setting up a system so that it meets the unique needs of the students and services is high. As a result, offering technical support to customers has less value than offering implementation support. Even when Engineerica offered expert implantation services, many customers were so limited with their budgets that they were unable to make use of the benefits.

In order to remedy these two glaring issues faced by current and future student services customers, Engineerica is now offering their AccuSQL student management system in a comprehensive package. This package not only includes all of the modules designed for AccuSQL, but it also extends the coverage of the technical support to cover implementation. The team at Engineerica is truly dedicated to the success of higher educational institutions and believes they can help lower tuition costs through the use of their student management software solutions. The more time student services staff members have to spend with students the more positive impact they will have on student success.

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Engineerica Systems, Incorporated is a Florida corporation specializing in the development of database systems for academic institutions. These systems include both desktop and web-based solutions.  Engineerica also offers solutions for tracking conferences and events, club memberships, employee training, and classroom attendance.

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