Writing Center Tracking Software

Writing Labs and Writing Centers use our products for:

  •  Tracking students' visits to the writing lab. This includes number of visits and total contact hours.
  •  Tracking the usage of the writing center services.
  •  Managing the writing center appointments. This includes matching students to available consultants, sending appointment confirmation via email, sending appointment reminders via email, tracking no-shows and cancellations, and more.
  •  Keeping notes on writing sessions.
  •  Tracking the work hours of the writing lab staff.
  •  Collecting feedback from students on the quality of the provided services.
  •  Collecting feedback on staff to generate staff ratings.
  •  Analyzing traffic patterns of the writing center and generating reports on its usage.
  •  Reporting and querying visitors' demographics.
  •  Assessing the writing center’s effectiveness in helping students by measuring progress.
  •  Enjoying over 100 powerful and professional-looking base reports.
  •  And more.

We have different products that are used for this purposes, including Accudemia, AccuTrack, AccuSQL and AccuLite.

Click here for more information about AccuTrack, or sign up for a Complimentary Consultation and see what it can do for your writing center.

If you prefer a online service and don't worry about IT stuff, take a look at Accudemia.