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Thanks for visiting our website.  The following is a list of our products.  We would be delighted to demo the ones of interest. Simply complete the demo request form and we will contact you soon to schedule.

Web-based tracking system with universal accessibility and quick implementation. Use for replacing your paper sign-in sheets and tracking your students, scheduling appointments, providing an early-alert or student referral system, collecting feedback via online surveys, keeping notes on visits, and much more!

Best for: Academic centers seeking a web-based solution including tutoring centers, writing centers, and learning centers.

Main benefits: Online system with universal accessibility.  Offered as a service that includes software and database hosting, tech support, and software upgrades.

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Academic center management software with many benefits including attendance tracking, traffic analysis, work hours tracking, appointment scheduling, loaned materials tracking, feedback collection, hundreds of reports, custom query generator, and much more.

Best for: Tutoring centers, advising centers, writing centers, computer labs, learning centers, and other academic centers.

Main benefits: Comprehensive system running on the college network.

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Microsoft SQL Server based system for managing academic centers. Accurate, fast, secure and scalable system for tracking students, managing appointments, analyzing traffic, and much more.

Best for: Tutoring centers, writing centers, computer labs, learning centers, and other academic centers.

Main benefits: Same features as AccuTrack in a true client-server solution that uses the power of Microsoft SQL Server.

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Basic visits tracking system that is 'lite' on the budget. Use in high schools, colleges, and business offices for tracking visits and usage of services.

Best for: Academic centers with small budgets that want basic visits tracking.

Main benefits: Small license fee.

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Online class attendance system.  Use a computer, Apple device (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad), or time clock to record students' attendance. Only need a web browser to get reports and analyze your attendance data.

Best for: Classrooms attendance.

Main benefits: Online attendance tracking, easy attendance checking for the whole semester

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Online system for tracking attendance at conferences, events, and training sessions.  Utilizes Apple devices (iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone) to track attendees.  Can also print out attendees' badges and distribute attendance certificates via email.

Best for: Attendance tracking at conferences, events, workshops, seminars, and training sessions.

Main benefits: Easy attendance tracking.  Badge and certificate distribution.

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Testing center management software. Benefits include tracking tests, managing appointments for both paper-based and computer-based tests, helping with the proctoring process, printing test cover sheet, reserving the testing center seats, and much more.

Best for: Testing centers.

Main benefits: tests tracking and proctoring.

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