Using a tablet as a sign-in station at academic centers

Did you know that some academic centers already use tablets for their sign-in station instead of full size computers?  Not only these tablets save valuable space, but they also look cool!  This article explores your options:

(1) Accudemia Users:

Accudemia users had a tablet option for years!  Simply use iAccu on an Apple iPad as your sign-in station.  You can even use the device camera to read barcodes on student ID cards to sign them in and out.  If you do not have barcodes on the ID card, you can print them out from Accudemia and stick them on the ID cards.

Here is an image of an iAccu sign-in station.  As you can notice, this is an iPad Mini in a plastic enclosure that can be mounted on a wall:

(2) AccuTrack / AccuSQL Users:

With AccuTrack / AccuSQL 2016, we released a new tablet software called SignInTab.  This software runs on a Windows tablet (e.g. WinBook TW700 or HP Stream 7) and will emulate a sign-in station on these tablets.  To learn more about SignInTab, click here.

You can also use iAccu as a sign-in station (see the Accudemia section above) but with one disadvantage: since the AccuTrack/AccuSQL database is hosted on your network, the database is not updated live with iAccu swipes.  Rather they are added periodically.  If you need to see the swipes live, iAccu will not work well for you.  Luckily you can use SigninTab as that provides live data.


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