UMES Virtual Training Review

Welcome, University of Maryland Eastern Shore faculty and staff! We have created this page for you to review highlights of the AccuSQL topics covered and provide the materials used during your virtual training from June 17th-18th, 2013.

Training Topics covered:

Day 1 - Monday  June 17th, 2013

Section I: What is AccuTrack? (1 hr 11 mins)*

Section II: AccuTrack in Action! (1 hr 4 mins)*

Section III: AccuBuzz & Collecting Feedback (30 mins)*

Day 2 - Tuesday  June 18th, 2013

Section IV: Traffic Analysis (Chart Visits) & User Groups (1 hr)*

Section V: Appointments(also via AccuSL), Registration, & Reports (1 hr 5 mins)*

Section VI: Query Generator & AccuSQL Exercise Review (43 mins)*

*All videos were edited with running time taken into consideration.  You may want to pause the videos, work in AccuSQL, and then resume the video when you are ready to move on.

Training Documents: