Wall-Mounted Time Clock for Attendance Tracking

The Time Clock is a great option if you need a stand-alone swiping device for tracking attendance. There are several options for the base reader and communication with the attendance tracking software.

Reader Types:

To record the attendance, you have 4 options:

  • Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • Barcode Reader
  • RFID/Proximity Reader

In addition, you can allow students to sign in by keying in their ID number on the keypad.

Connection Types:

The Time Clock comes with:

  • Ethernet (10/100M)
  • Serial RS232/485
  • USB connections

IMPORTANT: The clocks offer an optional WiFi module.  We have found the Ethernet connection to be superior to the WiFi connection with these time clocks, thus we highly recommend you use the Ethernet connection instead of WiFi.  While the WiFi connection worked perfectly at our office, it did not work too well at some college campuses due to having multiple AP (wireless Access Points) with the same SSID in range.  In many cases this environment caused the time clock to switch between APs too often which affected its performance or even made it unusable.  This is why we recommend you use Ethernet instead of WiFi.  If you need to use the time clock with WiFi for some reason, we strongly recommend that you order one time clock and test its performance with your WiFi network before committing to a large order.

Time Clock Features:

  • 20 key rugged keypad
  • Highly durable and reliable magnetic/barcode readers
  • Durable yet elegant casing
  • Installs easily on your network and supports both hard-wired TCP/IP and optional wireless connections (see important WiFi note below).
  • 3” color TFT screen
  • Optional WiFi connectivity for wireless data communication which makes the installation very easy and hassle free (see important WiFi note below).
  • Audio and Visual feedback for accepted and rejected card swipes
  • Included mounting plate is designed to fit the standard double gang box
  • Multi Language firmware supports English, Spanish and French
  • Configurable Barcode reader settings to read 3 of 9 or 2 of 5 barcodes
  • Magnetic cards with track II or track I (programmable at the factory).

Time Clock Base Reader Prices

You have four types of readers to choose from.  Each type has a base price as shown below:

Base Reader Type Price (US$)
 Magnetic Stripe $290
 Barcode $320
 Proximity (generic 125 KHz RFID ) $260

Add-on Modules and Options

In addition to the base Time Clock, you can add any of the following options:

  Time-clock Add-on Modules and Options Add-on Cost
Power over Ethernet (POE) Adapter - 12V $45
12V DC power supply $34
12V DC battery backup $50
Proximity Cards (RFID). Minimum quantity applies. $0.90 each
Proximity Key Fobs. Minimum quantity applies. $1.00 each

Time Clock Specifications:


  • Length: 6.5 in
  • Width: 5.5 in
  • Depth: 1.8 in
  • Weight: 3 lbs.


  • Cards: 10,000
  • Transactions: 50,000


  • LCD: 16 Char x 4 Lines Monochrome
  • Color: 3 inch TFT Color Display


  • Port: Ethernet (10/100M)
  • Port: RS232/485
  • Port: USB-HOST
  • Wi-Fi Optional


  • Power Supply: 12V DC, 1.5A

Package Includes:

  • Metallic Mounting Plate
  • Wall Mount Screws
  • Mount Plate Screws
  • Mounting Template
  • Installation Guide

Software Applications that work with the Time Clock

The Time Clock is a hardware device that records the ID number of the person signing in and the time the sign-in occurred.  You still need software to download the swipes from the Time Clock, resolve the swipes to their associated person, and to generate the attendance reports.  There are other things involved in making use of the Time Clock.  Without software, the Time Clock is pretty much useless.

The following Engineerica software currently supports the Time Clock:

  • AccuClass: Cloud-based class attendance tracking software.
  • AccuCampus: Institution-wide student engagement and retention software.
  • AccuTrack: Academic center management software.
  • AccuSQL: Client-Server academic center management software.

In addition, it is possible to add Time-Clock support in the the following Engineerica software - contact us to discuss:

  • AccuTraining: Cloud-based employee training tracker.
  • AccuClub: Cloud-based membership attendance tracking software.

Order Lead Time

The wall-mounted Time Clocks are built to order at their factory.  There is a lead time of 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Please take this into consideration for your planning. Sometimes the manufacturer will have some standard-built time clock available in stock for small quantity testing.  These can be shipped once the factory processes the order.  Contact us for current information on turn-around time for your particular order.

Time Clock Support

The Time Clock is a third-party product.  Our software will communicate with the Time Clock, but we do not have any control over its software (firmware).  Also we do not have access to the clock's advanced programming settings, which are protected with a password. Only the clock's manufacturer has this access.  For these reasons, support for the clocks is provided directly by the manufacturer's support department.  We do not provide support for the clocks.

Return Policy and Warranty

Since the Time Clocks are built to order, the order cannot be cancelled once in production.  Also no returns allowed on the Time Clocks. These are the policies of the factory that builds these clocks, so we are unable to make exceptions.  Because of this, we highly recommend that you start by ordering one Time Clock for testing with your software. Once you have verified it works well for your purposes, then order the rest of the Time Clocks.

All hardware carries a 1 Year return-to-factory warranty.

Contact us to order or if you have any questions.