Fail-proof Your Retention Model! - Part One

In our travels as consultants for higher educational student success initiatives, Rachel and I come across many ineffective trends in retention models. Our hope is that by sharing what we overcome during our consultations, we will save other colleges and universities from experiencing similar set-backs with their retention efforts.


Buy-in: Yes, You Need it From Students Too!

At Engineerica, one of the questions we hear most often from prospective and current clients is, “How do I get my students to use the system?”

The truth is, no system can guarantee student participation 100% of the time, but when making a decision for any new system that will require participation from students, we recommend keeping these two questions in mind:

Take Tracking and Retention to the Next Level with AccuCampus!

Engineerica’s newest product, AccuCampus, is our most robust higher education tracking system yet, and one of the most advanced on the market. As retention becomes a larger focus at an increasing number of institutions, we have brought the features many of you love into AccuCampus and added student-facing components which enhance their college experience and direct them to the resources most useful to them as individuals. It is easy to use, and our team takes care of all the set-up and works with each of your entities to ensure their processes translate smoothly into the system.