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Conference Tracker New Release

17 January 2017

We are pleased to announce a new release of Conference Tracker with many new enhancements.  These enhancements were mostly based on users' feedback and requests.  Here is a list of these enhancements: (A) CONFERENCE TRACKER ENHANCEMENTS Added a new session evaluation analytics report. This is a chart based report that provides...

AccuClass New Release – September 2016

26 September 2016

We are pleased to announce a new update to AccuClass, our class attendance tracking software.  The update includes both the cloud-based software and the Apple iOS app.  New features to the software include the ability to schedule data imports and exports, ability to cancel a certain session, a new cool...

AccuTrack / AccuSQL Tablet Software Released

13 April 2015

We are delighted to announce that AccuPad, our new mobile software for tutors and advisors, is now ready!  To celebrate the release of AccuPad, we are offering a complimentary trial version of the AccuPad software!  This version is identical to the purchased version except that it expires at the end...