Engineerica Software Products and Solutions by Engineerica AccuTrack or Accudemia?

AccuTrack or Accudemia?

AccuTrack and Accudemia are both software systems developed by Engineerica for academic centers. AccuTrack came first with the first adoption by a college occurring in 1998. Accudemia’s first adoption by a college was in December of 2008.  Both applications have been contentiously improved since their first release with numerous updates and upgrades.

The main difference between AccuTrack and Accudemia is that AccuTrack is a desktop application installed on your network while Accudemia is web-based software running in the cloud.

To help you decide which application is best for your needs, we developed lists showing the unique features of each application. This is not a comprehensive list, but it will give you a good idea about the main differences in features.  Note that since both applications are constantly evolving, some of the information could be outdated when you read it.

(1) Common Features

Both AccuTrack and Accudemia provide the following features:

  • Tracking student visits to your center.
  • Tracking the usage of services.
  • Managing appointments between students and staff.
  • Showing who is signed in to your center at any time.
  • Allowing staff members to enter comments or notes on meetings between them and students.
  • Providing an intake system or waiting list.
  • Analyze traffic patterns and show peak usage times.
  • Allowing the creation of certain student groups for reporting (e.g. at-risk students).
  • Providing the ability to get feedback from students via student surveys.
  • Tracking staff work time.
  • Allowing the import of your data including scheduled imports.
  • Providing the ability to view, print, or save reports as PDF documents.
  • Display announcements on the sign-in screen.
  • Providing the ability to send text messages from the software.
  • Automatically send appointment reminders to students.
  • Track appointment no-shows and cancellations.
  • Ability to add notes to each appointment.
  • Ability to add session questionnaire.
  • Export appointments to Outlook.
  • Export reports to Excel.
  • Allowing students and staff to view their reports.
  • Supporting virtually unlimited students and sign-ins.
  • Can work for different types of centers (e.g. tutoring, advising, etc.).
  • Supporting ID readers for quick sign-in and sign-out.
  • Guest Sign-in support.
  • Portable attendance tracking option via Apple iPod touch and iPads
  • Tutor / Advisor session questionnaire
  • Messaging Center for communicating with staff and students.
  • Powerful traffic analysis module
  • Access groups for allowing different security roles
  • Appointments: Automatic no-show tracking and penalty.
  • Appointments: Appointment cancellation tracking and penalty.
  • Optional Photo confirmation at sign-in.

(2) AccuTrack Unique Features 

The following features exist in AccuTrack and do not exist in Accudemia:

  • Loaned material checkouts and tracking
  • Staff pay calculations
  • Program Assessment Reports
  • Ability to customize Report images and looks
  • Ability to create your data queries for exports/reports.
  • Computer Lab Plug-in Option for tracking usage of computers
  • Ability to attach files to student records
  • Seminar / Workshop Sign-ups and attendance tracking
  • Notification when student signs in
  • Tutoring or service requests and assignments
  • Sports team tracking and reporting
  • Room assignment for appointments
  • The database resides on a college server
  • Student Success Plans.
  • Tutor / Advisor Quick Panel.
  • Mail merge option for Word documents.
  • Mobile option for staff to manage students

(3) Accudemia Unique Features 

If you are looking for a web-based solution, then Accudemia is for you. This software is offered as an online service, so there is no hardware to buy and there is no software to install. All you need to use Accudemia is a web browser!

The following features exist in Accudemia and do not exist in AccuTrack:

  • Little IT involvement from your college if we do the hosting
  • No need to buy web server hardware or software – all you need is a web browser.
  • Accessible from anywhere you have internet. No installation is needed to use the system.
  • System maintenance including software updates and database backup is done by our team.
  • You will always be using the most recent release of the cloud systems.
  • (New) Virtual operations support.  This includes support for virtual appointments and virtual drop-in sessions.
  • Superior support for multiple centers setup.
  • Live chat capability.
  • Customizable home page with your college or center news.
  • Ability to customize with applets like Google Calendar, Facebook, and live news.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) support via your college portal.
  • Appointments can be made from any location.
  • Excellent developer resources.
  • Sophisticated user group access controls.
  • Hosted in the Amazon Cloud.

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