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AccuLite or AccuTrack?

AccuLite and AccuTrack are tracking systems developed for academic centers. AccuLite is based on an early version of AccuTrack and is designed mostly as a low-cost sign-in sheet replacement. AccuTrack does everything AccuLite does plus a lot more. The following describe the similarities and differences between these two applications.

(1) Common Features

Both AccuLite and AccuTrack provide the following features:

  • Tracking student visits to your center.
  • Tracking the use of services.
  • Showing students signed in to your center at any time.
  • Displaying an announcement in the sign-in screen.
  • Storing up to 10 student profile questions.
  • Creating student groups and filtering attendance reports by group.
  • Signing students in and out manually.
  • Editing the sign-in records.
  • Displaying pop up messages to students at sign-in.
  • Importing students and classes from a CSV file.
  • Providing per-screen access control.
  • Supporting variable length sign-in ID.
  • Storing student’s address and phone number.
  • Allowing a sign-in period limit to protect accuracy of reports.
  • Allowing student to update their contact and profile info.
  • Selecting terminology used for student, activity, and instructor.
  • Providing visits by activity, visits by students, profile, instructor, student list, and student summary reports.
  • Allowing the filtering of reports by reporting period, a selected activity, a selected instructor, or a selected group.
  • Allowing the display or hiding of student ID from the reports.
  • Allowing the export of report’s data to Excel or CSV file.
  • Supporting virtually unlimited students and sign-ins.
  • Supporting ID readers for quick sign-in and sign-out.

(2) AccuLite Unique Features 

The following features exist in AccuLite only:

  1. Low licensing fee. AccuLite licensing starts at only $495 (one-time license fee).
  2. Simple: Small number of features and screens to learn.
  3. Graphical icons on buttons.

(3) AccuTrack Unique Features 

AccuTrack is a comprehensive system for your academic center that includes about a dozen different modules. While you might not need to use each and every module, chances are whatever you need is already covered by AccuTrack.

1. AccuTrack Unique Modules

Here is a list of modules in AccuTrack. Only the first three exist in AccuLite:

  1. Visits Tracking.
  2. Services Tracking.
  3. Who’s In.
  4. Staff Work Hours Tracking.
  5. Appointments Management.
  6. Loaned Materials Tracking / Media Check-outs.
  7. Feedback Collection (on services and on staff).
  8. Traffic Analysis utilizing Microsoft Excel to generate over ten Excel charts and tables (e.g. busiest times, most popular services, return frequency, etc).
  9. Demographics Query.
  10. Program Assessment.
  11. Student Athletes and Other Groups Tracking.
  12. Seminars / Workshop Registration.
  13. Tutor / Staff Questionnaire.
  14. Session’s Log.
  15. Student Interactions Log.
  16. Messaging Center (email, texting, and pop ups).
  17. Intake System / Waiting List.
  18. Grants Reporting.
  19. Service Requests & Assignments.
  20. Information Station.
  21. Computer Reservations.
  22. SI / Class Sign-in.
  23. Mail Merge / Documents Generation.
  24. Query engine.
  25. Survey.
  26. Reporting Module with ability to auto generate and broadcast reports, ability to customize and create reports, and ability to export report’s data to Excel.
  27. Computer Lab tracking module (additional licensing fee applies). 
  28. Quick Panel for advisors and tutors (included).
  29. Success Plan module.
  30. Waiting List and Waiting List Marquee.

2. AccuTrack Unique Features

  • Student Sign-in: Offers dual ID support (can have both a card ID and a student ID per student.
  • Student Sign-in: Can be configured to only show student’s registered classes at sign-in.
  • Student Sign-in: Offers a guest sign-in feature.
  • Student Sign-in: Can track “Service Type”.
  • Student Sign-in: Can display a tutor selection screen (at either sign in or sign out).
  • Student Sign-in: Can show students’ photos and require confirmation.
  • Student Sign-in: Can limit number of daily visits.
  • Student Sign-in: Can limit minimum session time.
  • Student Sign-in: Can put a password on New Student screen so new students can only be added by a center administrator.
  • Student Sign-in: Offers auto sign-out feature.
  • Student Sign-in: Can automatically notify tutor or advisor when student signs in.
  • Import: Can import students, courses, and registration info.
  • Import: Offers a flexible and easy to use step-by-step Import Wizard.
  • Import: Import can be scheduled to occur automatically.
  • Import: Can import student groups.
  • Reports: Can email reports directly from within the software.
  • Reports: Can save the reports as PDF.
  • Reports: Can filter reports by groups or demographics.
  • Reports: Can filter reports by more than a single item (e.g. several students).
  • Reports: Can calculate Positive Hours (for California institutions).
  • Reports: Can tell you the computer the sign-in was made at.
  • Reports: Can customize access to reports.
  • Reports: Marks manual or edited sign-in records.
  • Reports: Can save reports as PDF files.
  • Reports: Can Customize or Memorize Reports.
  • General: Can attach files to student’s records.
  • General: Can export or print data of any SuperTable Excel.
  • General: Can sort, search, and filter data in any SuperTable.
  • General: Can customize background.
  • General: Has a Student Pad that allows students to log in and check own reports.
  • General: Has a Tutor / Staff Pad that allows tutors or advisors to sign and access features you select.
  • General: Can maximize application to fill up entire desktop screen.
  • General: Offers a Help Center with many features.
  • General: Can sync sign-in station time with server’s time (to prevent rolling time back).
  • General: Option to upgrade to SQL Server back end for a true client-server solution (additional fee).
  • General: Can attach files to student’s and tutor’s records.
  • General: Can customize terminology.
  • General: Allows students and staff to view their own reports.
  • General: Includes tech support for the first year.
  • General: Includes software upgrades for the first year.
  • Who’s In: Can show staff signed in at the center.
  • Who’s In: Can show photos of students and staff.
  • Who’s In: Ability to print Who’s In list or view photos of signed in students.
  • Messaging Center: Supports communicating with student via email and texting.
  • Messaging Center: Can message certain group of students.
  • Messaging Center: Can repeat messages during a certain time period.
  • Appointments: Automatic no-show tracking and penalty.
  • Appointments: Appointment cancellation tracking and penalty.
  • Appointments: Ability to add notes to each appointment.
  • Appointments: Can send appointments to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Appointments: Room assignment for appointments.
  • Appointments: Can be accessed online.

NOTE: AccuTrack comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


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