Trade Show Management Software

A constant changing environment, challenging economic times and information overload have altered how successful meeting professionals conduct business. The pressure is mounting to gain more attendance, vendors and sponsors while also managing expectations to improve the overall conference experience. This has become the “new normal” - not just a trend.

Times have changed and technology has improved and exhibitors are missing lead retrieval now more than ever. New lead capture technology is turning heads due to its simplicity, convenience and reliability. Exhibitors can now use their own personal smartphone device to capture leads and stay connected. No more baggage, no more waiting games, and no more breaking the bank. This new technology has proven to much safer, more reliable and more affordable than any of those “dead beat” scanners of the past. So how can you take your relationship with lead retrieval to the next level?

Consider the following when doing your research to find a lead retrieval system that is a perfect match for you.  Is the functionality user friendly to my exhibitors?  How are leads saved and accessed if there is no Wi-Fi connectivity? Will the supplier provide me with marketing materials if I need them?  Can I collect useful metrics for my stakeholders?  Is the system compatible with existing QR codes?  Can my organization make a significant profit without passing high costs onto my exhibitors?  Is the profit a percentage of the total sales?  Is there a minimum purchase needed?  What financial investment does my organization need to provide?  What kind of support is available and at what cost?  And finally, is there any additional baggage I need to know about?

Exhibitors Spring into Action


What are your company goals?  How will you find and attract new prospects? How will you connect with prior or current customers? How would you introduce a new product? Are you prepared to hold face-to-face customer meetings? Assuming that the audience is part of the research, you should also have a good understanding of attendee demographics, who else is exhibiting, and who has exhibited in the past.  An exhibitor prospectus with robust statistics and analytics can differentiate your event from the competition. 


Collect Data Scan badges


Organize and develop a system to follow up on leads. This task is where utilizing a lead retrieval app can save you hours of time and energy.  Lead retrieval apps allow exhibitors to easily capture and qualify leads and record key data and notes.  Instead of manually entering in hundreds of business cards into your CRM, lead retrieval compiles an excel spreadsheet of your captured leads instantly.  Don’t scan a badge if you are not going to follow up.  Prioritize and look at business opportunities forged during the show.  

Surveys/Data Collection-

Surveys are a great way to improve on your shows.   To get input from members and the post trade show survey is a great avenue for them to obtain a wider response. 


Our app will allow you to capture immediate session feedback. It will save both you and, more importantly, your attendee’s valuable time and allow you to collect feedback while their thoughts on a session are still fresh in their minds.  Also, provide rewards for filling out any survey and communicate the importance of their response. Finally, providing an app is also a great way to improve attendee engagement at the event.  

Our app will help in building and maintaining an open relationship is the cornerstone to both understanding and fulfilling the needs of your supporters.  Survey after the show to get their feedback about the hall traffic, hours, and tools used, such as a lead retrieval system.

This will also give you the feedback to be shared with all of your stakeholders, especially your leadership and Board of Directors. Your post conference survey can help your organization’s various departments throughout the year.  And although the entire survey results may not pertain to your planning committee, it is vital to share the feedback and comments on the content and speakers.  Further, you can share the survey responses with your speakers and will help you organize a better event the following year.