What’s New in Accudemia Version 7.0? – November 2018

2 November 2018

Published 11/1/2018

Accudemia, the cloud-based academic center management system from veteran student tracking company Engineerica, has been updated with several major capabilities. These include a brand new look and feel, new appointment scheduling design, scheduled reports, and much more.

Accudemia's new responsive design now responsive to correctly be viewed on smartphones and tablets.

Early this year, Engineerica sent out a survey to Accudemia's users asking them about their experience with the system and the improvements they want added. Over 300 responses were received, which the Engineerica team analyzed to come up with a list for the update. Ten months later, and the update is out.

The most popular request was for a new modern design. Accudemia has been in use in colleges and universities for ten years, so it was due for an updated look. The development team spent over 3 months on this task. The result is a beautiful and modern looking interface that is also responsive. This means the software adjusts itself to look good on devices ranging from large screen desktops to mobile devices. In other words, users can now access the system from anywhere at any time.

The work did not stop there as the development team spent the next 6 months working on other improvements requested by Accudemia users. These include:

  • Scheduled reports: Accudemia can now automatically compile and broadcast reports. This is handy for sending out periodic reports such as a weekly visits report to athletic director.
  • Per center terminology: Each center can now use terms like tutors, advisors, and counselors. This makes tasks like scheduling appointments more intuitive to students.
  • 1-click sign-in for tutors and other staff members.
  • New online help button for quick access to the Accudemia knowledge base and getting help from Engineerica's support team. You can even authorize the support team to access your data for context sensitive issues.
  • New text-based appointment scheduling interface. This interface is easier to use and works well with assistive technologies.

These new features are just some of the many that academic institutions are utilizing to manage their centers and track their student visits. College and university staff wishing to learn more about Accudemia can view more information and sign up for a complimentary consultation by visiting Accudemia.

Improved Support Channel

Making sure our clients receive the quickest resolution to their problems is one of our highest priorities. To help in this endeavor, we’ve improved our Online Help option on Accudemia. Clicking there will give instant access to search our Knowledge Base.

And this also gives you the option to either Create a Ticket if you are a registered technical contact or to Contact the Center Administrator if you're not.

By creating a ticket using this new tool, you can optionally submit context information (such as your browser information) and authorize the support team member helping you access to see the data on your account.

Selection Paths by Service

You can now change the options your sign in station will display! Don’t need to have your students choose an Instructor?

Want a course selection to be required? You can customize all these options through selection paths!

Customizable Menu Items

Now with Customizable Menu Items it is possible for each user and/or role type to be customized by the admins what sections are their “Favorites” that the staff or students will frequently use at the top of the home screen.   You can use this to define the Students' default view when they login to Accudemia the first time to make it easy to make an appointment, view a report, etc.

Remember Filter and Center Selection

Accudemia will remember the selections you make in multiple screens. That means that you won't have to select your center, your name or other filters over and over again. Every time you pick an option, if you navigate away from that screen and come back, the same option will be picked.

If you want to change how it works for one or more filter, you can do so by going to My Settings and selecting Site Navigation. There you will see over 20 options that let you pick exactly what Accudemia remembers in the filters.

Quick Sign-in for Tutors

On the top-right part of the screen when a Tutor is logged on, these staff members will see a button indicating whether they are signed-in or signed-out. Clicking there will show a small popup to let them sign-in or sign-out, without having to leave the screen they are currently on.

Terminology per Center

You can now customize the terminology per center rather across all centers.

Updated Appointments Options

The appointments section now has a text-reader friendly interface in addition to the existing visual appointment scheduler.  If you use the New by Date or New by Tutor schedulers this option will appear to use the visual reader or not.

Utilizing this new screen reader friendly option allows for the Students to click or hover over options that are right on the screen.

There’s also an improved recurring appointments screen and options when using the Appointment Wizard.

This option then shows the recurring appointment options to choose from after you select it on the previous screen.

Scheduled Reports

This is an awesome new feature that our users have been asking for so they don’t have to re-run weekly, monthly, or even quarterly reports that need to go out to others.

Previous Updates

What’s New in Accudemia 6.2?                                                       Published 10/1/2018

New Features & Enhancements:

  • Improved filter workflow in appointment interfaces – This enhancement decreases the time an awkwardness that there used to be when creating an appointment by streamlining the appointment creation steps.
  • Appointment screens improved to work better with screen readers – This enhancement gives you the option to view the available appointments as text blocks on the screen easily read by accessibility readers.
  • Appointment screens improved to work better in mobile devices – This enhancement made the appointment screens resize and adapt to whichever device is making the appointment.  This means student or tutors using their smart devices can now book appointments with ease.
  • Improved course search in all screens – This feature may have confused some users that were used to having multiple search fields on each aspect (Subject Area Name, Subject Area Codes, etc.) of the course screens.  Now you simply have to search for any of those criterions in just one search bar.

What’s New in Accudemia 6.1?                                                       Published 7/30/2018

New Features & Enhancements:

  • New Report Added! - 'Tutoring Assessment - Detailed (Columns Format)' – Now you can pull a detailed report that shows the Tutoring Assessments in a columned format.
  • Survey reports are available immediately after a sign-in.  – Now the student doesn't have to sign-out before the data becomes available in your survey report which provides a more real-time reporting on these surveys especially if they are needed during the session(s).
  • Added Selection Paths by Service per Center  – This new feature is available in Control Panel > Walk-In > Configure Selection Paths section and will now let each service selected have its own set of selection options for the Student to select from during the sign-in process.
    As an example, if the student chooses ‘Computer Use’ they may not need to complete anything else whereas if they chose ‘Tutoring’ they would need to tell us which Course & Instructor they are taking and what Tutor they’d like to work with this tutoring session.
  • Added support button for easy KB search and support ticket creation. – This option now let’s you find the Accudemia Knowledge Base article related to your search criteria or if you cannot find the information send a support ticket to our staff.
  • Added terminology per center – These terms that can be updated per center include the default  labels used for:
    • Tutor, Tutors, and Tutoring.

This is an awesome way to uniquely label your staff per center.  Hopefully well have more updates to this in the future for other labels per center.

  • Added Customizable Site Navigation Options – This new feature allows Accudemia to retain a lot of frequently used report filters or not for those options you are frequently changing.  And this option is customizable per Admin/System User that has access to the Reports.  Here’s a list of all the individual report filter memorization options:
  • Auto-select myself as tutor (applies only to tutors)
  • Auto-select myself as instructor (applies only to instructors)
  • Remember the last center selected
  • Remember the last services selected
  • Remember comments when making an appointment
  • Remember all filters in the session log screen
  • Remember in the bulk sign-in/out screens: duration
  • Remember in the bulk sign-in/out screens: comments
  • Remember in the bulk sign-in/out screens: course selection
  • Remember in the bulk sign-in/out screens: services selection
  • Remember report filter: Period
  • Remember report filter: Locations
  • Remember report filter: Locations and Services
  • Remember report filter: Courses
  • Remember report filter: Students
  • Remember report filter: Tutors
  • Remember report filter: Groups
  • Remember report filter: Show User ID
  • Remember report filter: Show Canceled Appointments
  • Remember report filter: Show Voided Appointments
  • Remember report filter: Show Pie Charts

What’s New in Accudemia 6.0?                            &nb
sp;                          Published 5/16/2018

New Features & Enhancements:

  • Renewed Look and Feel – This enhancement gives the Accudemia system and updated look and feel which helps it feel less cluttered when navigating the system overall.
  • New High-Contrast mode. – This enhancement allows those who are having sight issues or difficulty reading gray on white a sharper black on white appearance to all the screens.  Using this feature is customizable per individual user in Accudemia.
  • Improved mobile and touch screen support – This enhancement allows users to access many areas of Accudemia that were really difficult to view in the Accudemia website from a smartphone, tablet or other devices.
  • Improved assistive technology (eg, screen readers) support – This enhancement meant going through over 250 plus screens to ensure that all buttons, text boxes, and visual elements on the webforms had valid alternate text and descriptions when used with a modern screen reader program.
  • Improved text readability – Corrected typos and poorly worded explanations that help improve readability.
  • Added click-and-drag support when creating appointments – This enhancement made allows you to now simply click and drag over appointment timeslot to sign-up for the entire time oppose to just clicking on the first block of the appointment.
  • Added more inclusive gender options – This enhancement allows you to create custom gender designations as needed that a less binary.
  • Added option to customize login page title and instructions – This enhancement now allows the Center to customized text on the Sign-in Station that was never available before to be customized and essentially makes the screen fully customizable.
  • Added option to change the page size in the grids – This enhancement now allows you to view more items per page.
  • Added report search – This enhancement helps you locate the type of report that you need based on keywords entered in the search criteria.
  • Improved the order of Centers using the Intake System – This enhancement now makes it easier to quickly find and view which centers are using the Intake System and manage them.
  • Improved loading performance – This enhancement required the developers to clean up the code on all the pages of the site to keep all the system functions running at their peak performance levels.

 Watch a brief video showing off the Accudemia 6.0 smart design for use with tablets and smart phones!