Summer 2015 News

1 June 2015

AccuCampus Summer Beta-testing continues... Join us!

AccuCampus is an Institution-wide system for student tracking, engagement, and retention.  AccuCampus facilitates collaboration between the different campus resources in their mission to help students succeed.  The synergy created from this collaboration is greater than what any single resource can do on its own....

Summer Trials of Accudemia, AccuSQL & AccuTrack

If you want to determine if some of our other software products like AccuTrack/AccuSQL/Accudemia for center management or AccuClass for classroom management might work for you then you will want to pay attention to this offer...

AccuTrack-Why Do my Visit Report Numbers Look Different?

You may have noticed when you run various Student Visits Reports in AccuTrack or AccuSQL that somethimes the numbers do not match in the various reports. Over the years this apparent mismatch in the reports has been confusing so to clear up the confusion, please review...

Accudemia update on July 3, 2015; What you need to know

Most users will not have to do anything special. We have simply increased the security of the information stored in our servers. IT Administrators however will need to update the import utility (ADX) for it to work and also need to update your Accudemia’s user account password.

Plan on attending our Conference on Student Services today!

We are planning on hosting a conference in Orlando, FL on Student Success in February of 2016.  Help us tailor this conference to your needs by filling out this quick poll.

Seeking a great career in Central Florida? Join the E-Team!

The Engineerica team is growing and is currently recruiting talented individuals for tech support and marketing roles. If you or someone you know is interested in working for a progressive technology company with high emphasis on user satisfaction, then please let us know!