September 2015 News

10 July 2015

Free Trial of AccuCampus this Fall Semester!
 And Keep Up-to-date on the new features with our blog.

 AccuCampus is an Institution-wide system for student tracking, engagement, and retention.  AccuCampus facilitates collaboration between the different campus resources in their mission to help students succeed.  The synergy created from this collaboration is greater than what any single resource can do on its own....

New Accudemia Features available now from the latest update!

In this latest Accudemia update learn how to configure Accudemia so that your Students and Tutors can easily be reminded that they have an upcoming appointment in your Center alongside all their other appointments in their own email client, you can also ask the student if they want to share visit information with their professors, and add notes to students waiting in the line if using the Intake System.

Engineerica wants you to nominate us for 2015 Top Product!

Top Product Award Logo If you have e-mailed any of us here at Engineerica you probably noticed us proudly displaying the University Business Magazine's TOP Products logo shown to the left.  This is an award where users in colleges and universities have chosen to nominate their favorite products from the past year. 

The Engineerica Team welcomes some new staff on board!

With our recent posts in the last few newsletters and positions listed in local career boards you may have noticed we were looking for some talented individuals that will "Exceed expectations" for our clients.  And it looks like we have found a few of these qualified people.  So at this time we would like to take a moment to welcome aboard these new additions to the Engineerica Team!

Engineerica would like to announce the addition of our new AccuBabies!

Not too sure if there is something in the water here...
but we have had 3 recent additions to our family at Engineerica.  Chadd Blodgett and Diego Jancic are the proud new fathers of Allie Grace Blodgett and Oliver Jancic in August. As well as Fernando Paulovsky whom is the proud father of Thomas Paulovsky in July.  Our congratulations go out to all their families on receiving these blessings this past summer and we wish them plenty of strength in the coming months of restless nights!

Let's inform colleagues about the great
classroom attendance capabilities in AccuClass!

We would like to invite our Administrators using our Center Management software products like AccuTrack, AccuSQL, AccuLite, and A
whom are pleased to take a look at AccuClass for Class Attendance.  Or if you know a colleague that you can pass along the AccuClass information and explain to them how great AccuClass would be for your institution.  As always we thank you for your support and efforts in promoting our software used on campus.