October 2014 News

1 October 2014

In this October edition of the Engineerica Newsletter we invite you to Beta Test AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2015, tell you about latest Accudemia release, announce the release of AccuClub for membership tracking, invite you to learn from our pros with the Accudemia Tech Tip, and much more!  Here is an index of the topics:

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AccuSQL 2015 and AccuTrack 2015 Ready for Beta Testing!

By - OCTOBER 1, 2014

We have been working hard on the new 2015 version of AccuSQL and AccuTrack and we are excited to release a beta test version of it.  AccuSQL and AccuTrack 2015 have some great new features if we do say so ourselves. Here are just a few:

·         New standalone Quick Panel program designed for advisors and tutors
·         New Waiting List display on a monitor in the waiting area.
·         New Student Success Plan Module
·         New ability to set up different student profiles per center/lab
·         Ability to set up cust
om Surveys per lab
·         Ability to restrict Seminar Registration by Student Groups
·         Additional reports and report filtering
·         Enhanced support for our companion iAccu App for Apple devices
·         And a whole lot more!

We will be hosting a “What’s New in Version 2015 Webinar” in the coming weeks to show you all of the new features.  We know you will like them.

If you are interested in trying AccuSQL 2015 or AccuTrack 2015 and you are a current Platinum Support Plan member, please let us know. We are looking for some quality Beta testers to give it a test drive. All we ask is that if you find any issues, you report them to us so we can address them before we officially release the 2015 products.

In addition once we release AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2015 our Platinum Support Plan members will be able to fill out a form on our website to submit their Platinum Upgrade Request. This is the same method we utilized in the past for platinum members to upgrade to our AccuSQL/AccuTrack 2014 release.  Most members found this easy to do and are all currently on the 2014 version.  If you are a Platinum Support Plan member keep an eye out for an email with a link to the Platinum Upgrade Request Form in the upcoming days and weeks.

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Major Accudemia Update to Version 5.0 released!

By - OCTOBER 1, 2014

Accudemia has been updated to version 5.0!  So what's new in Accudemia 5.0 you ask?  The answer is a huge performance update, enhancements requested from our users, and some awesome new features we've developed!


  • Accudemia servers were significantly upgraded to give you the fastest response ever!

New Features:

  • Dual ID support added. Click here for more information.
  • Users can now make recurring appointments. Click here for more information.
  • Now tutors can evaluate their tutoring sessions with the new Tutoring Assessment Tool. Click here for more information.
  • Users can now print QR labels containing the student's id and name. Click here for more information.
  • Users can import profile pictures for students, tutors and instructors using ADX. Click here for more information.



  • Enabled option to select course and service at the center level.  This can now be configured by center in the Control Panel.
  • Appointments Wizard now allows subject areas to be filtered by any part of their name.  Improved the search functionality from previous versions.
  • Tutor schedules' descriptions are now shown when making appointments and in the slots' tooltips.  This info can now help students making their appointments.
  • E-mail reminder templates can now be edited.  This allows further customization of your school's Accudemia account.
  • Admins or Tutors signing-out students from appointments while using the intake system will correctly update their appointment status.  Prevents student from receiving a no-show for an appointment the student came attended.

Class attendance:

  • Now it's possible to add/drop students from existing class sessions.  Helpful new enhancement especially during first weeks of semester when students add/drop classes.

iAccu management:

  • Confirmation message and progress bar has been added prior the remote sync operation.  These messages are shown to help let the admin know this operation is active.


  • Changed classes' import so the CRN and class names don't have to be unique across semesters.  This enables it so that your institution can reuse the CRN and Class Short Names again each semester.
  • User is notified by e-mail when an import has failed.  This allows the user who is running the ADX software a chance to correct the file so the import goes through to the Accudemia servers properly.


  • Administrator can be notified when their account is about to reach its license limits.  The notifications can now be turned on or off.

Manual Sign-in/out:

  • Classes' filter has been added.  This can be helpful if a class is meeting in the Center and need to quickly identify those students and sign them in.

stations:

  • Doesn't accept empty ids anymore.  
  • A button was added to dismiss the success message at sign-in/out.  This basically allows the student to close the message before they walk away.
  • Sign-in/out screens now show the student photo.  Improved from just showin
    g their name and ID number in case you need visual confirmation.
  • First course is no longer being auto-selected if there's more than one course in the corresponding list.
  • Students names shown in the success message after they sign-in/out can now be hidden.  To do these changes simply adjust the settings in the control panel.


  • Prefix filter has been added to the subject area's filter.  This will help you find certain course that start with a specific prefix to select them for the report.
  • Attendance Detail with Contact Info report has been added.  This is a new report available so you can contact students that you see having attendance issues.
  • Services column has been added to the Attendance By Student report.  Adds a bit more information that some institutions wanted.
  • Places filter has been added to all class attendance reports.  This allows you to set the specific classrooms you want in the report.
  • Added student ID to the zero visits report, when exported as CSV.  Correction since it was available in the other report versions.
  • Weighted columns were removed, "Unspecified," and Total unique visits rows were added in the center attendance summary reports.


  • The list can now be filtered by semester. Also a new setting has been added to restrict the classes shown in the new referral screen to the ones in the current semester.

Tutors Schedule & Assignments:

  • Description field size has been increased.  This allows for more information stored in the description for the period of time on the schedule.
  • Users can now filter the subject areas by name.  This helps when you need to find a specific subject to assign for the time slot.
  • When editing tutor enrollments, users can now filter by description matching any part of it.  Improved search functionality.

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