October 2013 News

16 September 2013

Welcome to the October 2013 edition of the Engineerica Newsletter. 

In this issue we are announcing the release of our much anticipated AccuTrack 2014 & AccuSQL 2014, invite you to try out iAccu and text messaging for Accudemia, learn how tips on modifying AccuTrack Reports for your needs, and more!  Here is an index of the topics:

AccuTrack 2014 and AccuSQL 2014 Released

Behold its bold, refined new interface and powerful attendance-tracking engine that comes from the honor of being a direct descendant of the award-winning AccuTrack 12, the new AccuTrack 2014!

We are delighted to announce the release of AccuTrack 2014 and AccuSQL 2014.  First you will notice the new name.  Instead of "Version 13", we are calling the release "2014" to indicate its release year - like new cars it's arriving a little early!  This release is our latest and greatest ever!  Numerous enhancements were added including:

Modularization: The System Administration menu is now organized by module.  Each module has its own screen (except for appointments which has two).  The module's configuration options and reports are also accessible from the module's screen.  This puts everything together and makes easy to access what you need.

New Look: The new release has a new background and new buttons.  The new look was inspired by Windows 8.

New System Administration Menu: The new menu uses screens instead of the previous treeview control, which makes it easier to see all the functions. If you like, you can change the order of the menu and you can remove items that you don't use.  For example, if you do not use the media checkout module, you can remove that screen from your menu.  You can also move the screen you use most to the top.

New Find button: To help you find a certain screen, configuration option, or report, we added a Find button.  Simply click it and type what your search word.

New Quick Scheduler: This was the request with the most votes in the AccuTrack feedback site (UserVoice).  You asked and we listened.  The new scheduler allows you to schedule the appointment with as few as 4 clicks!  If you prefer the old scheduler, you can still use it.

Redesigned AccuTR:  AccuTR or Task Runner is the program that handles scheduled tasks such as: signing out students who did not sign out, sending appointment reminders, sending late media notifications, generating scheduled reports, and running auto imports.  AccuTR was rebuilt from the ground up to add more stability. 

Gmail Support: You can now use GMAIL as your mail server.  This will help those of you with difficulty using your own mail server.

Portable Attendance Tracking: You can now track attendance in places that do not have a sign-in station.  Simply use your favorite Apple device along with iAccu to capture the attendance.

Class Time Blocking: You have the option to now allow students to sign in during their class time.

RFID Support: You can now use and RFID reader (from Engineerica) for recording the attendance.

And much, much more!

The new release is available as a complimentary upgrade to all users with an active Platinum Plus plan.  To get your upgrade, fill out the upgrade request form here:


Users without an active Platinum plan: please contact us for an upgrade quote.

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"What's New" in 2014 Video.

In case you couldn’t join us for the unveiling of AccuTrack / AccuSQL 2014, we uploaded the webinar’s recording to YouTube. Watch this video to quickly learn about the new features of our latest and greatest AccuTrack / AccuSQL release:


Here is some of the feedback we received from this webinar:

  • "Love it!"
  • "Glad to see a new look"
  • "We really like it."
  • "Some nice new features. I am excited about the Accu Task Runner and the iAccu app."
  • "Can't wait to install the upgrade"
  • "Looks great."
  • "More user friendly look feel and functionality."
  • "Great!"
  • "It's awesome!  Can't wait."
  • "Looks very nice compared to prior releases. I was pleased to hear how many suggested features you had included."
  • "Impressive! like the Windows 8 look"
  • "Much more organized with even more useful features."

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Changes to AccuTrack / AccuSQL Licensing and Support Fees

With the release of AccuTrack / AccuSQL 2014 we are making some changes to the licensing and fees of the software:

1) We added a new "Department-Wide" license for AccuSQL.  This license allows unlimited installations at a single department.

2) We changed the name of the "Single Center, Single Location" license to "Single Center" license.  We also changed the name of the "Single Center, Multiple Location" license to "Multi-Location Center" license.  The new names are shorter and easier to use.

3) We are no longer offering Campus-Wide and Institution-Wide licenses for AccuTrack.  Only AccuSQL have these licenses now.  The reason is that AccuSQL is better suited for handling the demand of a large scale implementation.

4) We increased the license fee of the AccuSQL 2014 Campus-Wide and Institution-Wide licenses.  The cost of the Single Center and the Multi-Location Center licenses remains the same.

5) The Platinum Plus fee for AccuSQL 2014 Campus-Wide and Institution-Wide licenses went up.  The new fee takes effect at your next Platinum renewal.

6) We are introducing an annual lease plan for AccuSQL 2014.

Contact your sales rep if you have any questions.

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AccuTrack 11 and AccuSQL 11 Sunset Announcement

With the release of AccuTrack 2014 and AccuSQL 2014, we are announcing the end-of-life for version 11 of AccuTrack / AccuSQL. With this, the following now applies:

1. There will be no further releases of AccuTrack version 11 / AccuSQL version 11 of any kind.

2. No phone, direct email, or online support will be provided to AccuTrack version 11 / AccuSQL version 11 users.

3. Support via the online Support Forum for AccuTrack 11 and AccuSQL 11 users will continue to be offered. However, th
is support is limited to answering questions on the forum. No manual work will be offered for older versions (e.g. no online assistance sessions, no opening database files to investigate issues, no manual database repair, no logo updates, etc.)

4. No software updates, upgrades, or installation software will be provided (e.g. no replacement installation CD or software download) to users of version 11.

Because of the above limitations, we strongly recommend that AccuTrack 11 and AccuSQL 11 users upgrade to the latest version of the software ASAP. When you upgrade, you will get Platinum Plus support for one year, which gives you full access to the AccuTrack support resources.

Note that you can convert your AccuTrack 11 and AccuSQL 11 database to the latest version, which means it is possible to use the data you collected so far when you upgrade to the latest software without any interruptions.

Contact your sales rep for a quote on the upgrade fees.

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Accudemia Bonuses and How to Utilize Them!

As announced in a previous issue, the Accudemia licensing terms have changed.  One of these changes is that each Accudemia account now has a complimentary license of iAccu.  If you have not heard, iAccu is an app that runs on the Apple iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone device.  iAccu transforms your Apple device into a portable attendance capturing device.  This is handy for places where you would not have a sign-in station (e.g. recording attendance at an athletic event).

Even if you do not have a need to track attendance remotely, here is a tip that will make the iAccu software very valuable:

Download iAccu and install it on an Apple device.  Enter your credentials and sync with the server.  If you keep iAccu running in the background, it will keep the data in sync automatically.  Now any time Accudemia is down for any reason (e.g. lost web connection, server down, sign-in station crash, etc.), simply use the Apple device and have students sign in and out on it.  When the service is back up, simply sync your iAccu device to transfer your sign-in data to the server.  This way, iAccu will serve as a backup to your sign-in station!

Another bonus you will note is complimentary 1,000 text messages.  Use these to send appointment reminders to students, notify student on the waiting list that it's their turn, and many other uses.

Both the complimentary iAccu license and the 1,000 text messages have been added to your account and are ready for you to utilize.  If you have any questions, please contact our support department.

-Mon Nasser, CEO

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Accudemia Text Credits and iAccu for all Accudemia Accounts!

Want to be able to send text message reminders for appointments but concerned about the cost?  Well you can try it out now for free!  As mentioned above, all Accudemia accounts have been given 1,000 free text messages to use.  Here is a description on how to enable the Text Messaging features in your Accudemia account:

  1. Go to Administration> Control Panel> Appointments, and at SMS Notifications section enable this option.
  2. The system user sending messages are allowed to send SMS messages to anyone in your College. You must have the students cell phone number in Accudemia because this feature uses the cell phone number of the User's Profile.

Additionally if you have always wanted to test your Apple device for use in tracking attendance we are now allowing 1 free iAccu device license to be activated on your Accudemia account.  To get started it is simple just go to the App Store on your Apple Device, Search for iAccu, and download/install the free App to it.  Once installed simply login with your Accudemia account credentials and start tracking attendance on your mobile device.  You can track your attendance anywhere!  Then once you are back in a Wi-Fi area simply sync the device and the students swipes will be uploaded to Accudemia.  Give your center the flexibility to help students wherever and whenever the need arises.

For additional information on iAccu or the text credits, please contact us.

-Nick Armstrong, Support & Training Coordinator

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Accudemia Tech Tip: Backing up your ADX configurations

ADX, or Accudemia Data Exchange, is a special application used to import data into Accudemia. You can also set ADX to perform auto backups.  This tip will show you how to back up your ADX configuration.  This is handy if you want to move the configuration to another computer for example.  In order to back up your configurations, credentials stored in ADX or the job configurations, you need to do the following:

In the machine where you have ADX installed and configured:

  1. Press the Windows Logo key + R
  2. Type


    where [username] is the name of the Windows account you're using.

  3. Then, search for the file APPLICATION.FDB inside that folder, including subfolders. You can use the search located on the top right corner of the window by typing the name of the file.
  4. Select the file, right click over it and click on Copy.
  5. Paste the file in a safe location where you want to back it up.

To move the configurations to another machine, you need to put that file in another ADX installation. To do so, repeat the steps 1, 2 and 3, but this time replace the file you found with the one you have backed up.

Diego Jancic, Lead Accudemia Programmer

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AccuTrack/AccuSQL Modifying Pivot Table Reports - Part 2

Want to see previous article about modifying Pivot Table Reports click here.

Modify "Visits by Time" Pivot Table Report to show Hours and Minutes

  1. Select all the cells in of the report and copy them
  2. Paste only “Text Values” to the “Pivot Table” sheet and sheet 2.
  3.  Got to sheet 2 and select cell E5 (like above) and press CTRL+SHIFT+END (this should select all the data).  Click delete.
  4. Once you have a blank worksheet click back on cell E5 and insert this formula:
    ='Pivot Table'!E5/60/24
  5. Click the bottom right corner of the E5 cell and drag it across the top until the end not including the “Grand Total” column, like shown below:
  6. Now click the bottom right corner of the last cell and drag it down to the bottom stopping before the “Grand Total” row, like shown below:
  7. Now go back up to the top and select all the columns with student time in it.  Right click the blue selection and select format cells. Choose custom and place the following:
    Type: [h]:mm
  8. Then click OK.
  9. Your times should look like this now (1:43 means 1 hour and 43 minutes):
  10. If you want to clean up the report you can do the following:

      a.    If you want the header dates back.  Select Cells E4-Grand Total then right click and select format cells.  Choose Date and set to your preference.

      b.    If you want the Grand Totals on the end again.  Select all the cells in the Grand Total column and click on the AutoSum Icon at the top right.
      c.    If you want the Grand Totals on the bottom.  Select all the cells in the Grand Total row and click on the AutoSum Icon at the top right.
The End!  Be sure to save your work!  That is how you can get the data in the "Visits by Time" Pivot Table Report to show in hours and minutes.  To download the complete article with illustrations please click here.
-Nick Armstrong, Support & Training Coordinator

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